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B complex???

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Hey all, has anyone here taken b complex on a daily? wondering how it affects the body good or bad? would it help prevent stress, and outbreaks? will appreciate any advise thanks!

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I have a co-enzyme b complex that I use and I think it is wonderful. It is a natural way to boost your immune system and helps to keep emotions more stable.

If you are one of those people who subscribes to diets designed to limit foods that are potential triggers for hsv then a daily supplement of b complex is a must.

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Hi Caliope, thanks for the advise... I'm definitely a cautious eater, looking for supplements to replace nutrients i don't include in my diet. I don't understand what co-enzyme b complex means, is it a certain type of b complex??? also what brand b complex are you taking and is there a certain type?


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Supplements for Vitamins B3 and B6 help the immune system. In my case, deficiency in these two vitamins along with stress led to outbreaks. As with almost any vitamin, too much is not good for you. I think this site may be helpful for you. When shopping for supplements, check the contents to see what kind of amounts for each vitamin exist in each capsule and then find the package with the best contents and price. The coenzyme form of vitamin B complexes supposedly helps you absorb and utilize the vitamins better in your body.

I don't think there is any supplement that can prevent stress.. I know that there are herbs (like rhodiola rosea) that help alleviate some of the effects, but stress itself is a lifestyle attribute unfortunately that many of us have to deal with. Having this affliction is enough of a problem.

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VVK is correct on the co-enzyme benefit. B vitamins work best taken with other b vitamins.

I take one from Country Life.

I also make myself smoothies in the morning where I combine lecithin granules with flax oil and fruit juice. (I also add a little yogurt and fresh fruit) Lecithin is a source of phosphatidylcholine and contains several b vitamins. It has helped to lower my cholesterol and to boost my alertness. Lecithin is known for helping our bodies to emulsify and digest fat along with assimilating other important nutrients in our diet. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone trying to increase healthy habits.

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Herpes Treatment recommendations

It seems that his site should offer a summary of various treatment options. Various people post things but there doesn't seem to be an overall list of suggestions of things that actually work for people. There is mention of Dynamiclear on a somewhat consistent basis, but nothing else. Would it be possible to have a list of things that have actually worked for people (and how they used the product)? For example, some have mentioned oil of oregano and colloidol silver. One woman reported that the oil of oregano put her herpes (genital, I think) into premanent remission. But if I had missed that posting I would have missed that info. It isn't found anywhere else that I can see. By the way, that really worked for me. I have no more break outs except if I drink coffee. Comments anyone?

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Chutney, no one thing works for every person since we are each unique and our individual needs aren't the same.

I have outbreaks only if I have stress so I do what I can to eliminate stress but I have a pretty strong immune system since I practice a lifestyle that is about being balanced and I make every attempt to make healthy choices.

That said there are many choices that you as an individual can make to be healthy.

It is true that you are what you eat. What goes into your body helps it to run as an efficient bacterial and viral fighting machine. If you don't supply your body with what it needs to fight off pathogens they will have a negative effect on your health and ultimately allow you to have outbreaks. Nutrition is very important to a healthy immune system.

Dynamiclear is a product you can use when you actually have an outbreak and is purported to help reduce future outbreaks. Do you want to fight the outbreaks once they are here or do you want to prevent them altogether?

If you are going to try the oil of oregano get the one from North American Herb & Spice. I got the p73 super strength Oreganol in the liquid form. It is gross tasting and you need to be careful with it but I know that it can help with viral infections. Do your research.

Things that help with overall health include drinking enough fresh clean water daily that your organs can filter out impurities. Eat healthy nutritious foods that include fresh fruits and vegetables because they contain the most nutrients. Get plenty of exercise because it helps provide your body with oxygen and helps your muscles and organs to be strong and to eliminate toxins and residues that contribute to poor health and respiration. Don't forget to get a good nights sleep as often as is possible because your body needs time to relax and heal. If you constantly wear yourself out your immune system is going to have trouble dealing with the daily stuff and this is when viruses can attack you.

If your diet doesn't include enough vitamins and minerals then take supplements. I find that higher doses of vitamin c with bioflavanoids help me considerably because the body doesn't store or make them and they must come from my diet. Vitamin c helps the body to produce interferon which naturally fights viral infections along with keeping the heart and vascular system healthy.

I can't stress enough how diet can effect your health. It is like money in the bank. If you don't have enough nutrition going in then you don't have what you need when it is time to make a withdrawal. This is when you find yourself getting sick. Viruses are all around us and our immune systems have a big job combating them but we can help ourselves with the choices we make. Hsv doesn't have to be a big problem if you take preventive measures to provide all the things your body needs to fight it off.

Good luck.

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Treatment recommendations (thanks!)

Hi Chutney,

Thank you for the recommendations, your feedback is very welcome as we are trying to improve our information resource wherever possible.

There are many different herbs, vitamins, minerals, balms, oils and supplements that people have found to work for them personally but it really does vary from person to person and not all of these things will necessarily work for every herpes case or agree with each person's body.

We have a list of diet recommendations, herbs, supplements and remedies that we have found to work consistently well under the "Fight Back" section on the right. As Caliope pointed out, keeping this virus in submission is greatly connected to your immune system and diet.

Our information recommendations are based strongly on diet and lifestyle factors (such as eating low acid foods and paying attention to balancing Lysine and Arginine amino acids in your diet), with mention of a few of the approaches that we have found to work well on a long-term basis for a large number of people.

We are trying to broaden this section so that we can cover more options that we know work well and could possibly help others. In the meantime, the Herpes Treatment Zone contains countless threads of what has worked and what hasn't for members of our community.

You can also search for keywords at the top of the page or start a new thread if you are curious to research and get feedback on something in particular.

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    • LatentBloomer
      I use witch hazel followed by tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil on my outer labia. I wouldn't try it on the sensitive bits. It might sound crazy, but someone once told me to try desitin maximum strength. I never did so I'm not sure how effective it is.  Zinc. In test tubes, zinc is effective against HSV-1 and HSV-2. In one small study, people who applied zinc oxide cream to cold sores saw them heal faster than those who applied a placebo cream. In another study, people who used a proprietary topical formulation with zinc oxide, l-lysine, and 14 other ingredients saw a decrease in symptoms and duration of lesions. High doses of zinc can be dangerous. Zinc may interact with some antibiotics and with cisplatin, a chemotherapy drug. http://www.umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/condition/herpes-simplex-virus
    • Numb22
      I’m having a OB currently, my medicine doesn’t seem to be helping clear it up. I’ve been using aloe Vera for the itchiness down there  but that’s not helping this time! This is so annoying. Anything else I can try? 
    • Seeker1960
      @Lostgirl93 I know that you must be filled with a lot of different feelings which is totally normal. There are a couple of different things that have similar visual symptoms like HSV so  I wouldn't jump to conclusions. If you have an opportunity to swab the blisters when they are fresh you might get an answer. Blood testing will take a minimum of 8 weeks podt exposure but in general it is recommended to wait 12 to 16 weeks. Visually there is no difference in HSV2 and HSV1. HSV is very common so you are not alone in this if you actually have it. You will find a lot of good advice here. Take everything with a grain of salt like @LatentBloomer said there are no "experts" when it comes to H if there were we wouldn't be on this site together looking for answers. HSV affects us all differently because our immune responses are different. So for some this is just a mild skin condition and for others it is a cause of daily nerve pain. Some don't even have a clue they have it and continue to pass it on not knowing. The best thing is to get properly diagnosed. Not always easy because just like the virus is unpredicatable in some people so are the testing results. It took me months to get results I needed to confirm my diagnosis. How ever this turns out you are still the beautiful you! You will learn to live life and do everything you want to do. The virus doesnt define who or what you are. Good luck and don't stress, it is going to be okay.
    • WilsoInAus
      Happy to give a few more details. First I would disregard the IgM result and I'd say that if it was positive or negative. False positives are common and not everyone has detectable IgM antibodies upon a primary herpes infection. This test has little diagnostic value. IgG antibodies are part of your body's permanent immune response and a person will test positive for these antibodies from 3-12 weeks after infection. A person should expect to test negative in the first 3 weeks post an infection. Hence the blood tests confirm that you did not have any form of herpes most likely prior to the episode you describe. Visual diagnoses are 75% accurate at best. I'd say this one seems a bit at the presumptive end of the scale, but that's just me. Bacteria and yeast are indeed valid causes of your symptoms. There are no symptoms unique to herpes. The best 'tell' for herpes are lesions. The presence of lesions is the only symptom that would put herpes in the top 3 possibilities in a doctor's mind when diagnosing. You do not describe lesions. Some doctors may not have even been concerned regarding herpes as a possibility. Given this one has does suggest that you will need to have a repeat test 12 weeks after exposure for peace of mind. If lesions do appear, then immediately obtain a swab.
    • MoniqueLow
      Canada! I really love that my tax money is used so wisely :-/ https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/canada-150/ottawa-spending-half-a-billion-dollars-for-canadas-150th-anniversary/article33508942/%3Fservice=amp http://www.blogto.com/arts/2017/05/people-upset-about-200k-cost-giant-rubber-duck-ontario/
    • df9117
      I had protected anal sex about 10 days before this. I've been in contact with him and he says he's been tested and is negative. Doctor originally thought anal fissure but then the rash and lymph nodes led him to herpes. Could is potentially be a bacterial infection. Just confused with the negative blood tests but visual diagnosis.     
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