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Guest Anonymous

someone help me.

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Guest Anonymous

hey they call me rock. when i was about 10-14 around that age im not sure i was at my friends house. well my dad friends house ne ways. so they had a daughter there and she was about 2 years older then me. she liked me and all but i didnt really like her. she would touch me and all that stuff and jus u kno try to have sex with me. i dont remember much of that day but i remember one day i think i gave in and she acutally tried to u know have sex with me. but as i remember i couldnt go in her for some reason i dunno why.. but i was lil i didnt really remember what happend that day. anywho.. a few years past and i noticed that im getting these itchy feelings and all at my penis area. i thought it was jus me growin up or it was my cloths or the soap that i used that irratate it. i remmeber goin to the doctor and they gave me meds for it. but it burned so i stop using it without my parents knowin. now im 17 and i realize what it is. i was so little i didnt know what was goin on i never knew it could be herpes.. i didnt get checked yet im afraid to. im going to soon but i just want some support from you guys and gals out there. i already told my gf whom i was with for a year and 6 months and she still loves me and wants to b there with me when i get checked. but its a long distince relatinship. i met her in this chat room and we jus started talkin and what do u know she was my best friends cuzzin. so we got togther and all.. but i need help and support someone please help me on what to do. and also if u want to email me my email is renegaderocky@yahoo.com or rockygilles@hotmail.com thank you for reading

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You are not alone!

Hey Strida,

I'm sure we can all identify with the fear you have at the moment. I've had herpes for five years and even though I only had to wait 24 hours from when the symptoms first started until I actually had the test and was diagnosed it's a horrible feeling to wonder. I have an identical twin sister who went through a similar thing to what you are going through about a year ago. She knew about my herpes and started having a few problems of her own - itching, burning, strange sensations and convinced herself that she had herpes too! She just about had a nervous breakdown over the fact that secretly we would become the 'herpes twins'.

Well, as it turned out she didn't have herpes. She had thrush!(yeast infection). Guys can get thrush too and it itches and burns. On the penis it can even appear like little blisters or red dots, very much imitating herpes! The anti-fungal cream that can be used to clear it can sometimes be a little harsh and it will sting!!!! (and itch and drive you a little crazy but is completely treatable).

There is little I can say except just hold on. Go to the doctor and find out once and for all. If it is thrush it's a yeast infection that comes and goes and can be treated, pretty much like a sore throat or catching a head cold. If it is herpes, in the long run it's physically no worse than a case of thrush every now and then but because of the stigma you are likely to need out support and we'll be here for you.


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    • BioHacker
      Morality aside, it could be that your "disclosure" talk is not as reassuring as it could be. With awareness of diagnosis, suppressive meds, and condoms every time, the risk of male-to-female transmission is very low. How low? If you and a female partner were having sex twice a week, it would be a 1-in-600 year event. Assuming precautions are taken, your female partner would be likely to die of old age without ever getting HSV, even of you had sex with her multiple times every day without a single day off for the rest of your life.
    • sadangel22
      For those of you with GHSV 1 or 2 how did you know you were having a second outbreak? I was diagnosed with GHSV-1 a month ago and have had no symptoms till now. For the past two days I've been super itchy but there are no bumps/ulcers like last time. I read somewhere that some people experience periodic itchiness and no other symptoms so I'm wondering, is this super common and is what is happening to me? Or do I need to prepare myself that this is most likely a second outbreak in it's initial stages? 
    • hunger4more
      We havent cured things not because we can't its because profits are a bigger priority. Trust me when I say I know it sounds like conspiracy talk but look at where and what they throw money at.... sickness is lucrative. So is death (War) The military budget is criminal to say the least, as is Nasa's budget That's just simple math, then look at all the obscene hurdles set in place to help deter anyone from going the distance. They only cry ethics when it comes to anything that could potentially benefit the greater good.
    • WilsoInAus
      I think it is very important for you to find out whether you carry HSV-1 or not. If you do, then any concerns you may have about HSV-1 are negligible. Many people carry an oral HSV-1, like your partner. This will be the only region of her body infected, that is the mouth in a practical sense. No contact with the mouth means no chance of infection for you. Hence there are zero issues with vaginal sex and you giving her oral. Kissing and you receiving oral sex are the feasible transmission possibilities. Perhaps the second is of minor concern, but your choice. If you decide you're never going to kiss a girl because she has HSV-1 orally then that will be your loss. Most girls have HSV-1 and all the cute ones!
    • WilsoInAus
      I disagree, we have made a significant contribution to keeping it on track and ensuring the OP has the correct information to cogitate upon. Let's keep the good work up!
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