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Is this "normal"?


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This past July I was diagnosed with herpes. I had a severe, by some standards, first outbreak. I had sores on the inside and outside of my vagina, as well as on my buttoux. All of the sores had/have healed except for one. I still feel like I have one leison on the inside wall of my vagina. I have been on suppressive therapy and have not had many outbreaks since the first one, however, I can still feel the one inside of me.

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do/can be done about it? It doesn't really hurt (every once in a while it's sore) but I can still feel the irriation during intercourse.

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I wouldn't be having sex with a sore - easier to pass on the virus even with a condom. Not to mention the irritation of sex alone will keep the sore going. It needs to heal - or you should find out if it is something else - maybe an allergy or something - but you have to let it heal or it will never go away.

Good luck.

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Might be something unrelated.

Hi Nikki I'm Christi,

Lasmom's right, get it checked out. I've had herpes for five years but just over a year ago I was having problems in general down there which I just couldn't work out. I used all the thrush products I could but it was like I had little abrasions and the skin became very delicate. It turned out I did have thrush (yeast infection) but it was very resistent and I actually developed a sensitivity to the general treatments and needed oral medication over a number of months to have things return to normal. I felt like I had a sore also.

There is another condition which I have heard called vestibulitis (which I have read differing descriptions of) but in one article it described it as a little irritated sore like 'pocket' just inside and to the rear of the vagina which can be treated but is irritating. Also our vaginas a lubricated by little 'glands' which can become blocked and eventually infected (which then requires a little surgical 'extraction' aww I was trying not to say they cut them out because I don't want you to panic!!)

Last but not least there is the humble wart virus. Which is very, very, very common. A lot of people get them and they can simply be burnt off. I'm surprised I haven't seen a lot about them on this site because when a person has an outbreak of herpes (especially a primary outbreak) the body works very hard to heal the blemish caused by the herpes and sends a good oxygenated blood supply to the area and the wart virus loves oxygen and scarred/healing skin. So it is very common for a person who has contracted herpes to find that pretty soon after a lump comes up around where their outbreak occured and it is actually a little wart taking advantage! I think it's fair to say that if someone is careless enough to pass on herpes to you then they could share a wart virus at the same time. To have the wart virus in your system does not necessarily mean you will get a wart though. unless the opportunity such as a herpes outbreak arises. Don't be embarrassed at the thought even though I can completely sympathise that the thought of having two STD's would cause anyone to simply want the floor to open up!!!

I am by no means a doctor, I used to be a nurse but I didn't specialise in STD's or sexual health. So I have used layman's terms but your doctor should be able to sort it out for you.

I hope this helps


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Your right! I got a wart back in '97 on my rod and had it removed. About two months later, my roomate was asking me where I went for that cuz he got one too. A long time ago, when I thought I had herpes (maybe I did but didn't get the real accurate symptoms until last year) I talked to a few of my friends and almost all of them had a wart before. None of them thought anything of it, but couldn't stomach the herpes thing. It's weird the way this stigma fuels the spread of these STD's. i am still appauled at the medical community who know that 25% of the pop has HSV2 but don't like to be the bearer of bad news and test people unless there is obvious physical symptoms. I think they are doing a huge disservice to the general public and have only contributed to this epidemic and it's spread. Funny though, I read today that there will be 450,000 new wart cases diagnosed in the US this year compared to the 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 new herpes cases in 2004 (MSN). I think the medical community is in real denial about these STD's.

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