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La Femme

Will have to tell soon

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La Femme

Hey everyone

So I have been talking to this guy on the phone for a few months and we finally decided to meet up. Now that we have physically met face to face, I realize that I like him alot more.

I can definately see us dating seriously in the future based on the way things are going now, but I am really nervous about having the conversation.

He mentioned a "H" story to me and told me that he couldn't imagine telling someone something like that. This of course made my stomach drop. I kinda feel that it is too soon to disclose at this point, but I know I am going to have to soon.

I am really scared to have the conversation as this will be my first.

Any words of wisdom for me?

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wait a little bit

I would wait a little bit. Let him have more time to get to know and like you.

That's what I would do anyway.

Sorry about the story he told, that must have hurt. Forget it for now.

Good luck

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