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1 month on still having ob?

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Was diagnosed a month ago,was given a months medication which have nearlt finished,the initial ob has mainly gone ( still have leg aches and abit of fever,glandual fever has been ruled out by the doc ).Just still have 1 annoying spot down there,does not bother me,no pain,just want it togo.Have tried cream,salt baths,cutting out bad foods,still wont go.Shall I ask for more meds?or just see what happens when I stop taking the meds?.Also I have these little bumps which I have had for years and been told its nothing todo with h,just tiny little bumps under my skin in the pubic area,doc says its normal,and nothing to worry about but they do look similar to h since I have found out have got h,but have had them years and I remember a b/f having them near his thing,he said the same they are just like little fat spots cause no discomfort and are normal.Back to the docs?

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