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any nurses on here?

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ok when i got tested they also did a pap smear, once again it came back atypical? i had pre- cancerus cells before and had them removed and ever since then my results have been coming back abnormal..ok ishould i just have a hysterectomy and leave the ovaries in? i get tired of having to go back every 3-6 mo to have it checked and wondering when the cancer will spread, and if i do how will this affect my herpes? will my body go in to shock and have major ob's? its likea time bombinside you waiting for it to go off int o something worse? im past having anymore kids,,so thats not a concern..as long as i keep my ovaries i should beok right? since that will give me my hormones that i need ..right? i dont know much about this stuff, and none of my friends have had this issue even though i have heard of many 20 yr olds having abnormal paps? my hpv tests came back negative,also my hiv,syhpallis,etc... it would be a peace of mind to have ahysterectomy but yet i hear horror stories of what ones body goes through..i would like to hear fro other women who have had a partial or full hysterectomy and tell me what your experience waslike..with the herpes

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I am a nurse and had treatment for abnormal cells when I was 19, since then my pap results have come back normal, yeehhayyy for you that your hpv and other tests have come back normal. Your concerns are in a field I am not a specialist in, however the nurses and doctors who are at your clinic are indeed specialists and I would communicate with them regarding what they think appropriate treatment is and let them know your fears. I'm sorry, but I would hate to give the wrong advice and lead you up the garden path when you are obviously so concerned.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Hopingimwrong
      PesPes, there is no cure. You can treat symptoms and try to prevent outbreaks, but you will always have the virus and be able to pass it along. There is NO CURE at this point. 
    • viralfrog
      Based on the sheet below, it would be around 10% per year without condoms with no active outbreaks. With condoms, 5.2% and condoms and antiviral therapy combined around 1.5-2.5%  https://herpesopportunity.com/downloads/herpes-opportunity-disclosure-handout.pdf 
    • Kurdt01
      So is there anyone that has tried this for which Valtrex/Acyclovir/Famvir doesn't work and have constant symptoms and problems?   It's expensive but if like 1 pill a week would work it would be worth it.....Trying to figure out if this works for people that the current AV's don't...
    • Roja
      OMG she is great! Thank you!    Ps.: I am also a big fan of Ella  I found her last month and since then my life changed! I am finally not any more ashamed of having herpes and I am ready to talk about it with friends and family! YES! 
    • Celinaxox
      Hi just wanted to share someone I found on Youtube who I think gives really good and honest herpes advice. She is an STD life coach who has had genital herpes for 9 years: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC8AkCfC9_bcCvI7-sixkLJg/videos   Also check out Ella Dawson if you haven't yet seen her videos or website. Cheers:)

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