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Do I need treatment ?


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I have just been tested positive for both Type 1 @ 4.20 and Type 2 @ 2.10. Now, as I remember, since 20 years ago, I have always had cold sores or shingles around my lips, probably once in a year, and healed within a week, using Zovirax. As to my genitals, I remember I had some kinda pimple on my penis shaft, but was so mild that I just dismissed them and it healed by itself. Now, the doctor who tested me is so serious on this, that he's certain that I need long-term treatment, but has not explained what specific medication. As far as I know, this infection is not fatal, however it can't be cured either. So with my "fine" physical condition, will I ever need any treatment ? And anybody knows how much it costs ? Monthly ?

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