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La Femme

HSV I & II - Its all the same Herpes

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La Femme

Ok folks

This has been building up in me for quite sometime now, and I just have to let it out. For those who read this post, I hope it doesn't offend you - BUT I GOTTA SAY IT!

I have seen several different posts where folks think having HSV 1 is better than HSV 2.

Just because someone nicknames it a "coldsore" doesn't make it better. So if you have it on your lip but you never had any form of sex...I guess you think you get a pass. Sorry...we were just unlucky!

Yes you could have gotten it from Aunt Suzie who kissed you, but guess what.....AUNT SUZIE went down on Uncle Joe and thats how she got it!:twisted:

I have technically never studied the origin of HSV 1 and so therefore I am not a subject matter expert here, but it as well could have derived from sex. Do I think seeing a sore on someone's mouth makes you do a double take....Absolutely!! I think the same thing if I saw it on my vagina!

My point is its called hsv 1 for a reason, because it is Herpes. Lets not be masked by the nickname someone gave it. Yea I guess you can be fortunate that "at least you don't get it down there", but ITS ALL HERPES!

For the record I have both types of virus and even if I found out I had just "coldsores"...I would be tripping and feeling sick...just the same if I had type 2 only!

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Yes you could have gotten it from Aunt Suzie who kissed you, but guess what.....AUNT SUZIE went down on Uncle Joe and thats how she got it!:twisted:

HAHA! Thats good!

It only dawned on me that my mum has it. She has always gotten coldsores which means she HAS this virus as well!! For some reason my brain has only just made the connection while walking home from uni. Which means she has also exposed my dad to it (not that I want to think about wot they have done/do/might do in that area of things! Parents!)

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From what I can tell, with type 1 you are more apt to have fewer outbreaks. The only reason they call it cold sores is because the virus prefers the mouth and it is easier way to tell the defernce in technical terms. My doctor was suprised to find out that I had type 1 down there knowing that it is not its natural home. One here though I'm finding out it becoming more common. Guess people enjoy oral sex more then they used too!!

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Get Over It

I agree that people should not attempt to make a difference between the strains of HSV they have, there are different strains to ever virus and peopel are walking around saying I have a safer HIV strain than someone else. It's really ridiculous, but people have to make themselves feel good somehow. I don't know what strain I have, I think I have HSV 1 because the guy I was dating has facial herpes and gave me a lot of oral sex, but this was before I even knew much about herpes at all. I don't feel better, I still feel like every time I sleep with someone I have to tell them this. Anyone who thinks that it is "better" to have one than the other are kidding themselves because with the increase of oral sex which many young people just consider to be a apart of sex, it's going to pass back and forth. I think everyone should just get over it and deal with it. :???:

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Whatever type you have...

herpes is herpes. Wherever you have it, it's basically the same virus. I agree that there is no reason for anyone to feel superior to anyone else because of the type or the location of their virus.

However, we all know that out there in the big ignorant world, there is a much greater stigma attached to having a virus that causes outbreaks on the genitals than on the mouth. ]

This is complete bull, of course. I assume we here all know that and so would anyone else who knows anything about it.

But we face a world that has decided than any disease associated with sexual activity is fair game for nasty name calling, gossip and mean spirited moral judgments. To some people, we are fair game for bad jokes and bad attitudes expressed toward us. This is a reality we face every day. So I find it understandable that some people feel luckier to have the less stigmatized form of the virus--but maybe this is not the place to say that! So please, those of you who have "only coldsores" instead of HSVII/GH, try and be tactful to those of us, like myself, who have good ol' HSVII. In this forum, we are all equal, same virus, various locations and patterns of outbreaks, but same virus.

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Well you are likely to have fewer obs with type 1 ONLY if it is genital. If type 1 is oral you are likely to have just as many obs, or so it seems. I've seen posters on here complaining of type 2 genital monthly obs, and I've also seen posters complaining of the same thing, type 1 oral.

As far as shedding, type 1 oral sheds around 18% of days. Type 2 genital sheds around 15-20% of days. (Without suppression). Type 1 genital sheds around 3-5% of days, and Type 2 oral sheds less than 1% of days. So, the best one seems to be type 2 oral.

Here's another way to look at it. If you have type 2 genital and you spread it to your mouth, you are most likely to only get one ob ever, as it recurs hardly ever. Type 2 is not responsible for ocular herpes, gladitorium herpes, or herpes ensephelitis, so you most likely don't have to worry about spreading there. It does infect the fingers though, but again, if you get type 2 on top you will most likely never have to see it again.

Now if you have type 1 genital and you spread it to your mouth, or vice versa, you also have to worry about spreading it to your eyes, chest, fingers, almost anywhere, and herpes encephilitis which is caused by type 1 travelling to the brain is very dangerous, can result in death, and hurts like a bitch.

It is also easier to spread type 1 to the genitals than type 2 to the face. Type 2 is much more harder to spread. It is easier to spread type 1 overall.

So how can one say type 1 is better? You can't. I've said this before. To me, herpes is herpes. I have type 2 genital. I tested negative for type 1. I would prefer having genital because I would be much more self-conscious if people could see it. I couldn't hide it then. That is my preference. I've thought about what if I had type 1 instead. Well, I have major OCD and I worry about everything, and I would be worrying even more that I'd spread this to my face, eyes, nose, etc. And I'm not having huge problems with type 2. So... right now in my opinion and my preference, type 2 seems better to me. I also am glad I can kiss whenever I want. I can't imagine not kissing someone for 5-10 days plus more after because of shedding. That is a very long time. It's more common to go without sex for that long than to go without kissing. I'm glad I don't have to worry about infecting someone that way.

OK, that's my take on it. I agree with you La Femme, herpes is herpes. I hate whenever I hear someone say oh you have the good herpes! Or at least I don't get it down there! Or anything that actually classifies this virus into good versus bad. Just because we have it genitally does not mean it's the bad one, or that we are bad. Saying it's the bad one adds to the social stigma, because it makes us and others think it's worse. Well imo it's not worse. I can still give oral sex without worrying about passing it, and kiss, and my bf still wants to give me oral sex and he's got a pretty okay outcome even if he catches it (which is already rare) because type 2 oral is the least problematic. And if he has type 1 oral which 80% people do, then he's got some protection against it!

If you think about it, type 1 is obviously the most contagious (besides the fact that literature says so because of spreading it around) but 80% of people have it - just because more people have it doesn't make it better. I think it makes it scarier. It's so much more widespread. And even more numbers don't know they have it. It's only more socially acceptable because so many people have it! Imagine if 80% had genital type 2. Well then there would not be a social stigma, because the majority of people would have it. Then there wouldn't be a good versus bad herpes.

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just a side note

After reading Brainy Blonde's post, just wanted to add...

Yes, the stigma is associated with type 2 because it's the genitals. BUT it's also because it's not as many, so it is seen in those who have it that they must have slept around in order to get infected.

80% of the population has type 1 and it is common to see cold sores as we're growing up, which makes people feel safer with this version - and because so many have it, there is no stigma.

Like I posted, imagine if type 2 infected 80%. I truly don't think location would matter then, it would dematerialize the stigma. The majority of people would have it, so wouldn't stigmatize themselves.

Regardless of location, it's the numbers!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Stupida
      @srinivas thank you for the suggestion. Are you on antivirals? How long have you had HSV? How well do you feel now that you are taking the supplements?
    • Trace67
      It doesnt really mean much yet. They still dont know if the herpes is taking advantage of a diseased brain or causing the disease. Furthermore, there is evidence that Alzheimer's might be caused by oral spirochete disease and even Lyme. Many of you could have oral Spirochetes but the Lyme and is less likely. https://globallymealliance.org/pathogen-cause-alzheimers-disease/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5008232/ https://newsblog.drexel.edu/2016/02/10/do-infections-cause-alzheimers-disease/   Of course it could be both! Maybe having hsv-1 and oral spirochetes quadruples the risk.  In my opinion the spirochete theory sounds more likely and its hard to dismiss neurosurgeons and caretakers getting Alzheimers from a disease that was previously thought to be non contagious. I'd worry more about Spirochetes.  
    • Rgs77
      Did ldn work.
    • honkschonks
      I wonder if people in the military are tested for hsv, because the general public isn’t. You have to specifically ask for it and many doctors don’t even see the point because it’s “so common”. It’s very possible he has it and has no symptoms or very mild random symptoms. Sorry to hear what you’re dealing with. It seems like women’s symptoms are worse than men’s.
    • WilsoInAus
      No that’s not the issue at all. The absolute vast majority of nerve pain is not caused by herpes. Hence it cannot be used to reverse engineer a diagnosis of herpes. That is exceptinally dangerous and we must do all we can encourage proper diagnosis.

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