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Could Really Use Some Feedback On This

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Hi All. Last week, I had my first cold sore EVER. It was humiliating and came at an awful time- the day before my sister's wedding! I was her maid of honor...Ive been married and faithful for almost 5 years- to the best of my knowledge, so has he. HE has NEVER had an outbreak of anytype-neither a cold sore or genital in all the time weve been together. (over 7 years). However, I now have been dx with an autoimmune disease...my immune system is shot- and I have been catching every cold and soar throat that gets passed around my office..Ive also been under a ton of stress, as my new diagnosis of my immune system issue is overwhelming me....so a cold sore isnt the end of the world, right?

Then, I started having genital issues..went to my doctor where he did both a blood test and a culture on my genitals..at this point, the cold sore was almost healed (he had prescribed 2 days of Valtrex and it really helped). THe tests came back today- I dont have HSV1, like I expected, but have HSV2 as positive...and it also showed nothing in the culture, only in the blood work. This was a type specific test! Im amazed...HSV2 on my lip? Like a cold sore? IM also confused..as to why I got it there, and not on my genitals...and even more so, IM TERRIFIED that Ive infected my husband, as we kissed many times, had sex - both genital and oral, in the 2 weeks prior to my outbreak (on my lip)...

now what? How common is it to get HSV2 on your face? ANd, how do I handle this?

Thanks for any and all help...im at a loss and if I dont get the stress under control soon, Im going to be committted! Today, my boss asked me to take 2 weeks off, unpaid of course, in order to get myself together..it didnt sound like a request.

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Hi gg222,

If I understand you correctly, you have had negative swabs but positive for type 2 on blood work. You say you have a cold sore and genital issues but you don't say what the genital issues are but the swab was on the genitals. Was there a swab done on the cold sore?

The blood work would only tell you if you have an infection, not where it is. It is possible to have HSV-2 orally and genitally if you perform oral sex on your husband.

It is possible to have this virus for a long, long time and not display symptoms, which may be the case with your husband or he hasn't been completely faithful.

If you had type 1, then you may have had very mild genital symptoms if you contracted type 2 genitally. Often times, people without an existing infection of either type will have more severe outbreaks. It's also possible that you have had type 2 orally for some time since it doesn't present symptoms as often being out of it's preferred location.

I am not saying your husband cheated for sure but as a person who has cheated I'm only saying it does happen without the other's knowledge.

I'm sorry that you are in this position and have no idea how this came to be. I hope you get through this OK and find a way to reduce your stress levels for your job's sake and to avoid outbreaks.

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