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When I first started experiencing symptoms like itch, cuts and redness, I would get an occasional instance where my skin on the vulva would weep, covering a panty liner. I read lots of posts where women have a vaginal itch or a discharge. The questions are:

1. For those who thought they had a yeast infection, was the itch confined to the vaginal opening or the entire vulva in general.

2. Was the discharge from the vagina, or could it have been weeping from the vulva area.

3. Has anyone had a symptom where the labia would take on a shiny, leathery appearance or a wrinkled appearance occasionally, say within the first 6 months.

I have been testing about every seven weeks and up to the last test June 2, 8 1/2 months out, I have always tested negative but my last EIA values took a jump. For the first time, I am experiencing bumps, superficial in nature, no pain, no blisters, slight itching and unlike razor rash type ingrown hairs, and I'm extremely concerned this may be HSV after all.

Just looking for some responses to others who thought it was just a yeast infection and those who experience discharge. I have never had blisters , sores, swollen lymph nodes, sciatica like pain, flu like symptoms, fevers or anything that I keep hearing about except these new bumps that have just recently developed.

I'll be holding my breath, hoping no one has had similar symptoms.

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I'm not much help, but I will tell you my experience with my one outbreak. I had no itching whatsoever. Only pain. First it only hurt when I would wipe. At that time I thought it was just tears from vigorous sex. And when I say it hurt when I would wipe, I mean it freakin' HURT! Then, as the outbreak became full blown, the pain was severe all of the time to the point where I could hardly sleep.

I definitely had discharge, mostly from the vaginal opening. But I had herpes in my vaginal canal as well so not sure if that's the only reason. I know the discharge must have been fairly acidic as it tore up my undies. No odor, but definitely quite wet quite often. To the point of needed panty liners just for that purpose.

The only time I have ever seen my labia shiny is when they are engorged. Which they were from swelling from herpes, but which also happens when I'm, er.... excited.

I know you have been continually tested for HSV for quite some time and no matter how paranoid you are, you can not fight the science. If the virus isn't present, it isn't. I know, I know... doesn't help since you're worried about it. But from the description of your symptoms it could be anything. It's hot out, could you have heat rash? I read in a health magazine that the vulva has more sweat glands than any other body part per square inch. Have you used a new detergent lately? Changed soap? I hope it turns out to be nothing.

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