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DIfferent docs saying different things?

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In March I began having some recurrent "yeast infections" I'd say 5 in a 3 month period of time. Each time I'd have a vaginal exam done and samples looked at under a microscope and each time the samples were positive for yeast. I would take diflucan and the s/s would go a way for awhile. I have also had recurrent UTI's for awhile, but each time a urine culture was performed it came back with a positive result which went away after antibiotics. Finally in June 2008 I went in for a full work up to get to the bottom of my "UTI/yeast" infections and I had blood drawn to test for HSV.

When the HSV2 test ended up coming up positive I was completely blindsided. I have been with my fiance for nearly 5 years with no signs or symptoms in either one of us. My previous relationship lasted for nearly 3 years during which my ex cheated on me numerous times. After our breakup I was tested for everything (serum testing), including HSV with a negative result. ( I was tested immediately after the breakup, but I know HSV can take up to a few months to show up)

To make a very long story short, this evening my fiance and I went to the doctors so he could be tested for HSV. When we mentioned it to the Doctor he seemed confused as to why my fiance wanted to be tested. He stated that since he is having no symptoms than "what are we going to do with the information." He stated that even if it comes back positive than all that proves is that he has been "exposed."

I am just confused as to whether or not I have even had symptoms of HSV 2, since both my "yeast" and UTI s/s were relieved with antibiotic therapy. Since I have tested positive for HSV now, is it possible that I haven't had an outbreak yet? And is there a chance that my fiance (if he tests positive) may just have not had an outbreak yet? It has been well over 6 years since I would have been exposed to HSV by my ex.

I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful and supportive man to spend my life with. Telling my fiance about my positive test result was very difficult, and we both cried a lot. But he said something to me that made a lot of sense, and made me feel a lot better. He said, "Nothing has changed from yesterday to today, you are the same person you were yesterday. The only difference is that today you "know" and know we can do something about it and move on." I began taking Valtrex immediately just in case to help prevent transmitting it to him if I haven't already in the last 5 years that we were intimate and I was not aware I had HSV.

My fiance was tested tonight (after almost having to completely convice the Doctor it was necessary?!? We will know his test results in about a week.) If he comes back negative would it be safe for me to seek a 2nd opinion and have a retest done to rule out a false positive? I have never had any lesions, no pain, no classic s/s of HSV2. I am just so confused as to how my symptoms which are the same as a yeast infection (Itching, burning, dysuria, except no vaginal discharge) and which are treated with Antifungal meds could be my "outbreak."

As a nurse I thought I was up to date as to the s/s of HSV, what to look for and for the red flags that would justify testing for HSV. I would have never in a million years guessed that I would test positive for genital herpes. I have never had any issues, no abnormal paps, no abnormal exams, no abnormal vaginal sypmtoms in my life until recently and even those have been that of a mild yeast infection or UTI.

To everyone out there who is newly diagnosed, keep your head up and don't let HSV destroy how you feel about yourself and your future. There are plenty of people out there who will love you and all of you for the person your are.

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Sophie D.

Hi AKnurse907,

Sorry to hear about the shocking news that you received from your doctor.

On the plus side your fiance sounds awesome and I can see why he is your fiance.

Unfortunately, a significant number of HSV+ people either don't have symptoms or don't recognize the symptoms of HSV (don't know percent cause don't have my book right here).

Yeast infections are often one of those ambiguous symptoms. From what I have heard, herpes can suppress the immune system just enough to enable bad things to grow in the vagina = traditional yeast infection, but still HSV related.

First, I would check to see what kind of test you had. IgM are not worth anything and you should make sure to get a type specific IgG test. Sounds like you got that, but just make sure.

Your doctor is not very bright. Good thing you got your fiance tested and are playing it safe by taking the Valtrex.

It is possible he has it and never experienced symptoms and to rain on the parade, it is also possible that it was newly introduced into the relationship.

I personally don't think there are any signs symptoms to invite a HSV test. Everyone should have one and they should be routine with the other STD tests, especially because many people do not have symptoms.

I hoped this answered some of your questions.

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If you tested negative after your last relationship, who's to say your current fiance did not give you HSV? It's very possible, men have a tendency to be asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms. If your bf does test positive, it seems possible that either of you could have had it without knowing. I had it for over two years without knowing. After about a month with my new bf, I had my first ob. I thought I must have gotten it from him! And his doctor told him if he didn't have symptoms he was fine. He had to do the same thing and make sure he was given the test. I don't know why doctors are hesitant to do this test, considering it's a very widespread virus. Wouldn't it be better for everyone who has it to know it so the stigma can be lessened and so we can all be healthier and try not to spread it? Well my new bf ended up being negative, but he could have been positive. He didn't even get infected after we had unprotected sex (because I did all the routine STDs - see - another problem with not testing for HSV because I thought I didn't have anything, so we were having unprotected sex). I apparently had already had HSV most likely from my ex who I hadn't had sex with for at least 2 years. Go figure, I never had any symptoms until then. And yes, I've had more UTIs and yeast problems since this all started in November.

I truly think HSV should be tested for even when there are no symptoms, because people get STD tests and think they have nothing, so they have unprotected sex, and if they KNEW they had HSV they could better protect others as well as themselves. I personally think the medical community owes it to us to let us know so we can be safer as well and not acquire other things. And doctors tend to preach that we should always use condoms, well in real life that's not always practical.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Cas9
      OK sir, let me explain so even you can understand. When I speak of inaccessibility, I'm referring to the immune system; i.e. In general, the immune system does not enter cells and kill viruses. Further, because the herpes virus resides in the neuronal cells, the immune system wont kill those cells (for obvious reasons) to clear the virus. The end result is that the virus is inaccessible by the immune system and the virus remains for life. My statement is/was accurate.  
    • NewToTheHive
      Well guys, i had the talk... and it went even worse than I thought. He refused to talk to me in person, so I had to do it through text. He said “well I’ve never had symptoms, so I’m not getting tested. You work in the medical field, you probably paid someone to fabricate those test results to try to trap me into a relationship. I will have no further contact with you” ... and then he blocked me from everything. And THEN less than 24 hours later, messaged my old room mate asking her to come over for a beer and movie night.  HES DISGUSTING!! I was considering taking legal action against him, because with his total lack of sympathy, and the fact that he tried to sleep with my friend less than 24 hours after I told him, I think he knew he had it and just didn’t care... so I messaged his ex on Facebook to see if She knew he had it. She wasn’t sure but she is definitely going to get tested now... she told me he is an extreme narcissist and emotionally manipulates people. ... after doing my research, it all makes sense.    So since hes not sorry, I decided to do some type of revenge. I reported him for fishing without a license, and having a trailer with no tags. I’m not sure if he got cited or not, but the cops definitely investigated... because about an hour after my complaint I got 4 consecutive calls from a blocked number less than a minute apart.... he was angry and trying to reach me.    Im just devastated that he did this to me and doesn’t even care. He lead me to believe he cared about me
    • WilsoInAus
      Well you’re nearly there. As you say you can’t patent a natural substance such as vitamin C. Anyone can use it and develop their own product.  Nothing stopping this with your mushroom then!
    • Godcanhealme
      @WilsoInAus Another display of ignorance, here’s an example, vitamin c is found in nature, you cannot patent vitamin c, but you can make your own mixture of compounds where vitamin c is the pertinent substance and patent that mixture,  regardles though, the main ingredient is an extracted compound found in nature, or perhaps they synthesized a very close mimicking compound so yes you can patent naturally occurring compounds if you know how to make it original like the example I gave above 
    • lennyblastoff
      possibly not there are a few members on this site who got the vaccine and gpt a bad reaction to it 

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