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Herpes - An Analogy

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Take yourself back to the time you where in preschool, remember when we all use to play catch and kiss? So there you are running around the play ground you catch and kiss Lil Jo really good! Lil Jo had a little 'ouch' on their lips and we week later you end up with the same little 'ouch'. It's no big deal, its just an ouch, its not going to stop you from playing on the swings, eat crayons or playing catch a kiss again.

So why do we beat ourselves up about having a little 'ouch', its the EXACT same condition?

In preschool we haven't learnt about stigma, we just except a little ouch for what it is, an 'ouch' that will go away. Some of us have an 'ouch' in an area that is far more fun to play with, but its the same thing.

I guess this isnt really an analogy because Im not swapping A for Z, I'm just taking us back to a time, when things where what they where minus stigma.

Its just an ouch, its not big deal!

There are kids all over the world playing catch and kiss and swapping ouchs, we'd think the world had gone nuts if children where excluded from this game, if kids where inspected before they could join in the fun, if lil Jo was expected to disclose that they had an ouch before she shared a piece of fruit with another one of their friends.

What do you guys think?

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