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neg partner wants to have sex with a type 2 genital

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ok i met this one guy, we hit it off we get along great and he knowsd aboutmy situation, i have type 2 ,he has been there for me with the ups and downs of this virus, he has been very supportive, well now it appears he wants more in this relationship and he has mentioned about having sex.. i told him i dont know since this is all new for me and it need to get used to my body and to see how this will all effect me...ive only had 1 ob so far and im done with it, but ocassionally i feel itchy, doesnt last long, so i never know if im on the verge of another one or if its just my body getting used to the virus? i told him i dont trust myself to know yet when its safe to or not? he says well as long as we use a condom it should be ok? ( i do take valtrex and lysine everyday) i said that helps but thier is no 100% guarentee, in some ways it would be nice, but i get so worried about him catching it,,he is just a sweetheart, ive given him this sight, but i dont think he has read up on it,,he says he trusts me to keep him informed?? i dont think its up to me to always keep him informed? i figure he should be responsibke for his own health and judgment as well.. i know it sounds like i dont care, i do, but why is the responsibility left all up to me? he is a grown man, he should be doing his own research and come to a descion on his own? i just dont want to be responsible in case he was to get it even if we try to be careful,, i have told him as much as i know, and since he is negative thats alot of pressure on me, where does it not become my responsibility ? i would feel terrible if he got it.. just give up on anyone that doesnt have it? and i have tried the dating sights for herpes,,well apparently thier isnt anyone from my area??? closest is 4 hrs away, and with gas prices the way they are, im not too keen on a long distant realtionship. also he aso wants to do oral?? i told him i cant, he may get it.. what do i do? he has never had a cold sore or anything..

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Well make sure he understands that HSV's is a lifelong commitment unlike most relationships or marriages "of course til the finally figure out a vaccine". And if you dont feel comfortable having sex with him I dont blame you. You should probraly have him wait.

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If your not confortable with having sex then dont! Dont feel pressured, jsut becasue he said its ok and he doesnt mind. If he doesnt understand that you need more time then he knows where the door it. Even if you didnt have herpes, people should be able to accept when someone is not willing to or not ready to have sex and wait until they are. Or go find someone else! If they do that, then clearly they werent that if to you in the first place.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Hopingimwrong
      PesPes, there is no cure. You can treat symptoms and try to prevent outbreaks, but you will always have the virus and be able to pass it along. There is NO CURE at this point. 
    • viralfrog
      Based on the sheet below, it would be around 10% per year without condoms with no active outbreaks. With condoms, 5.2% and condoms and antiviral therapy combined around 1.5-2.5%  https://herpesopportunity.com/downloads/herpes-opportunity-disclosure-handout.pdf 
    • Kurdt01
      So is there anyone that has tried this for which Valtrex/Acyclovir/Famvir doesn't work and have constant symptoms and problems?   It's expensive but if like 1 pill a week would work it would be worth it.....Trying to figure out if this works for people that the current AV's don't...
    • Roja
      OMG she is great! Thank you!    Ps.: I am also a big fan of Ella  I found her last month and since then my life changed! I am finally not any more ashamed of having herpes and I am ready to talk about it with friends and family! YES! 
    • Celinaxox
      Hi just wanted to share someone I found on Youtube who I think gives really good and honest herpes advice. She is an STD life coach who has had genital herpes for 9 years: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC8AkCfC9_bcCvI7-sixkLJg/videos   Also check out Ella Dawson if you haven't yet seen her videos or website. Cheers:)

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