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broke out on neck

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:???:Well this is driving me nuts OK i stay calm I quit drinking alcohol and coffee and nuts.I am taking all kinds of vitamins and supplements taking very good care as not to spread using gloves got sanatizer by my side using it constantly evrytime i use the restroom and then some Iwas startin to feel bettter the hsv 2 in finally going away .Then i felit this bump on the back of my neck i started playing with it for a bit because i could not see it then I thought no could this be herpes on my neck it felt funny ran to the mirror and the were 2 blisters.How and the hell did that come up when I have been so careful not to spread it .I have been worrying about my I most of the time but it seems fine .I am just shocked over this I used to drink all kinds of beer stay up late drink coffee no problem small out break avery 9 to 11 months no biggy now after taking valtrex and acyclovir i have had this outbreak since March 25th jrked of one time because i was just about over it and wham back she comes stay off the meds folks now that i doing everything right its still here i take all the vitamins and suplements A<E<C<Dand olive leaf ,lysine ,red wine extract .oreganoextract,just tons of stuff that has to do with the immune sysytem and nothing before I took just Lysine and vitamin E and C .I am really not sure how to fight this I used dymaclear but it just speeds up the healing and stings like mad .I used dymaclear on it and covered it with a band aid .Is there anyone out there that can help me with this .will herpes really die with soap and water when I wash my sores and just don't waqnt to wash my face even after i washed my hands real real good with soap and water .I will do thatt last when i take off my gloves I do my face and hair .Since its on my neck does that mean I tranfered it there or did it just decide to show up there on its own

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you should not assume that every random blister is herpes. this is one of those times when you go to the dr and have the blisters tested and find out for sure. otherwise you are going to drive yourself crazy thinking everything is herpes when it really isn't.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • G77
      I read an article about arganine vs lysine. The tests they get this info off were done in a test tube and not on humans. There was also another study done on mice with herpes. Mice die from herpes and when they gave the group of mice higher arganine than the 2nd group, it actually kept them alive longer than the group not given it. I was taking lysine until recently and I've noticed no difference and I eat a vegan diet which is higher in arganine. The only thing lysine seems to do is stop the itchy tingling feeling I get but then again that might be in my head like the placebo effect. 
    • G77
      When I had my first and second outbreak of genital hsv1, I had a weird thing happen with my throat.  The first time which was 2 days before the sores appeared, I woke up in the night unable to breath because my throat felt like it had closed up. The second time it happened it was the same thing but much milder. 
    • Quest
      Maybe try black seed oil 1 t? Maybe a sauna or there is a group that will help you build an infared tent. Really great for acne and it will disappear while doing it.  Hormone inbalance?
    • 35hope
      im surprise not more are trying to find the cure for it, with the amount of people that have it around the world it's the most profitable thing in medicine to cure.
    • dont quit!17
      Thats what I figured too, haha

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