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What is going on with Herpes The war The Battle

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MY interpetation what happends ONce inside it barracades itself like the movie 300 with all thoughs shields around it your body imediatley tries to kill it but they keep bouncing off thier shields as it travels down to your spine to find a place to hide then it slowly starts to send out troops to start a war on your body .It then travels up to the surface where it breaks out getting ready for the next body to enter after being there for sometime your body keeps attacting these little critters but to not luck evntually the ones that got to the top die the litttle bugger in your spine retreats meaning dosen't send out anymore troops because your immune system is up it its too rough out there so he sits and waits for the sea to calm down meaning your system is weak and tired .Then he sends out his troops again to destroy whatever is in its way to breakout and find another place to manifest, another human body .The body tries to fight off the inttruder but he is way to tough noone can stop it once it enters the body .When this first happends the body has never seen anything like before in its life and darts out to try and kill it but to no prevail.It thinks it can but it cant its just way to tough so it chases it in hiding where all is calm .And when things are quiet and your body is stressed and worn down it comes out like gang busters because it knows now is the time to send out the troops when it is weak they multiply like crazy racing to breakout of your skin to find another victim to jump on and enter thier world .So you see this war plays on constantly all through your life and they just begin to live with one another battleing eachother .The battle that will never end Its the Good versus The Evil in your body.And this will go on for the rest of your life inflicting pain and discomfort to all that it invades

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    • VladimirM
      I do belive. It is going to be SADBE and Sqarex. I am on it and it is great.
    • Miss Annie
      Thank you. Yes, I was on Positive Singles and met someone I was with for 2 years. We recently broke up but may work things out. Truth be told, dating is touch. With or without a virus. 
    • Godsaveus
      A possible problem is that it will possibly be overshadowed by emails regarding other health problems such as cancer which carry no stigma and therefore have a more massive amount of requests.
    • WilsoInAus
      @nydb1 I feel you can be quite confident that you do not have genital herpes here.  Please return to your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.
    • f*ckedOver
      Maybe this has been asked already, but is there way we could get everyone on the site to write emails to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?  If they got 1000s of emails about this issue maybe they would fund people like the researchers at Penn?????????

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