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La Femme

Please read - continuation of hsv 1(good) and 2 (bad)

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La Femme

To my newbies, active support members, respected and commendable members.

I have just finished reading this article posted on this following link. At this point I'm just raving not ranting:


I feel absolutely so GOOD after reading this article. I want everyone to live in reality about herpes. I know we choose to deal with the virus differently, but when we ourselves continue to "segragate" the virus - then we are simply aiding to the continuity of the social stigma.

Below are a few excerpts from the article

For anyone living with genital herpes – the most common attempt at disclosure will be to compare the infection to that of oral herpes or “cold sores.” There always seems to be an underlying need to somehow “lessen” the severe perceptions that one may have by drawing attention to the herpes that is socially acceptable. Contrary to scientific fact, many believe there will always be a “good” virus (oral herpes) and a “bad” virus (genital herpes).

According to The American Social Health Association, under a microscope HSV 1 and HSV 2 are virtually identical, sharing approximately 50% of their DNA

With many years of believing that type 1 is only related to oral herpes, many people are not aware that type 1 can and is being contracted both orally and genitally. So many people are under the presumption that there is that “Good versus Bad” virus and with these beliefs social stigmas are thriving. While the “Good Virus” is believed to be “just a cold sore” – society has that euphemism to hide behind and don’t have to acknowledge that cold sores are indeed Herpes.

Regardless of location, herpes is herpes is herpes. It is only a “cold sore” and is a virus that is treatable, controllable and in many cases avoidable even with a partner who carries the virus. By taking the time to become educated, learning your body, your triggers, your symptoms, etc. you can take control over your life and the virus.

It is all a matter of how proactive and educated you choose to be.

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