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Welcome to the party You are not Alone

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Its ok we all make mistakes and if God wants us to have this, so be it .We are creating our own race with the herpes we just have to no how to live with it thats all it's just very painful at times and you can't have sex like you like to, and you always have to worry about spreading it to other parts of your body .but you get used to it after time .Im sure there are many faces of pain out there and you feel like your alone but your not .We have all made some excrutiating pain in the face looks .The more that people get this the more it will seem just normal being in pain.As more people get it the more they can understand what we go through its like camping the more the merrier.Its always nice to see new faces out here so we can talk to them and let them know they are not alone just late to the party thats all .So next time someone comes aboard just welcome them to the party .This is a place where we can all get together and share our pain and syptoms You Are Not Alone just remember

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