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Guest Anonymous

I've posted here a couple of times under various different names... mostly under 'Guest', which obviously really narrows it down!

I just wanted to say that Lasmom is absolutely fucking amazing. I know that this is going to sound really, really out of order, but fuck it, i'm going to say it anyway. I'm British and a lot of the time I find American responses to these things quite corny. Having lived in America for a fairly long time as a child, I have a lot of American friends. Every British person that I've told about my new viral friend has said 'what the fuck are you whinging about? at least you're not bloody ugly like me', and all of my American friends have said 'oh my god honey, i really feel for you, you're beautiful anyway and don't let this monster get you down'. well, lasmom is the first person i've managed to find who combines the two. completely self-depracating and funny and able to put things in perspective in the kind of sarcastic way that brits do best, but also incredibly sensitive and able to cheer me up THROUGH A FUCKING COMPUTER SCREEN! now that takes some doing.

so i just thought i'd say... i know that you've had a really shitty time lately what with the warts and bla bla bla. i also know that this is potentially the most arse-licking message in the history of mankind. but you're really amazing. thank you for growing me up and giving me faith and not being soppy and using punctuation in a really good way. if there is a god, or at least a generally benevolent, powerful being, at some point soon your luck will be in and you'll win the fucking lottery or invade jennifer aniston's body. you fucking deserve it man. you're my favourite.

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You do know I'm not a man don't you? :shock:

Hope so! If I were Jennifer might be a favorite... hhhmmm...think she would mind a diseased lesbi lover?? It's a thought!!!

Anyhow - I wish you sunshine and rainbows and hope God shines his love on you through sun rays......

the Brit version:

Fuckin' A man! about time someone gets it!!! Rock on - good life - good sex! good days! Have a beer at the pub withyou any day! (oh, wait, thats Irish.....) :D

Honestly, thanks - made my day to know someone is "hearing" me. :wink:

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Guest Anonymous

I have also posted many reponses on this sight as "guest" and I noticed this evening that you Lasmon are usually the one who reponds to them and always has something to say that makes me feel so much better. So I was excited to see that someone else already started a post thanking you. so thanks again.

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