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How can you tell if you have herpetic whitlow?

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Hi all,

Just want to know what are the common signs of herpetic whitlow and how it looks like before outbreaking. I have cold sores and have been pretty watchful and careful how I handle my mouth area.

I've been washing my toothbrush every time I use it and that involves rubbing the soap into my hands to the point I have enough soap foam then I proceed to brush the bristles with it with my thumb.

Lately my left thumb is having a weird tingling sensation and I'm worried that I might have possibly self infected my thumb. Although highly unlikely because I have not cuts and the skin seems pretty firm. And from what I have been told self infections is harder to get after the primary outbreak unless you deliberately make an open wound and let herpes fluid seep into the wound.

So am I overreacting? Or could this be something totally different?

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Ok, so 4 days have passed and the tingling feeling is still there on my thumb but no outbreak on the thumb but I did get one on the top center of my lips.

So I guess I can say that I have no herpes infection on the thumb because from what I read most people say their fingers get really painful.

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its possible, i dont know if it has to have an opening necessarrily to infect?? i would keep an eye on it and dont touch anything else on any part of your body with your thumb..

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Hi Regret,

I talked to a sex therapist before and she told me that herpes likes to get transmitted through a cut, abrasion on the skin. Brushing your skin into sore has a higher chance of infection because those fluids contain millions of herpes viruses so it's harder for the immune system to halt the invasion.

But if your skin is healthy a herpes virus on the surface of the skin is very weak because it's outside of a human body and will die within minutes. Even if it doesn't die given that the conditions are preferable it's basically still a fish out of water and has no strength to do enough damage unless there is an opening.

My thumb had no opening as far as I could tell and even if did have the chances of an infection is so slim. Why? Because I wash my brush with soap before usage and after usage. Between each wash I would wash my hands again with soap. Lastly I soak my brush face down on a cup with a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol.

So I don't see how I could get an infection plus didn't they say after the first outbreak your body should have antibodies created to fight off herpes unless it's a huge number of viruses from the fluid seeping into your skin.

The only thing that is still bothering me is the tingling sensation. I can't have that peace of mind until the tingling stops. Does anyone ever had a tingling sensation longer than a week?

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I haven't experienced an outbreak anywhere other than my face - but I can almost feel my body fighting it off sometimes - I will get the tingling burn sensation on and off for several days in the viruses 'favorite spot' on my chin, but sometimes won't get a blister....

From what I have been reading it seems unlikely that you would have transferred it to your thumb unless fluid entered an opening.

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    • LatentBloomer
      I use witch hazel followed by tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil on my outer labia. I wouldn't try it on the sensitive bits. It might sound crazy, but someone once told me to try desitin maximum strength. I never did so I'm not sure how effective it is.  Zinc. In test tubes, zinc is effective against HSV-1 and HSV-2. In one small study, people who applied zinc oxide cream to cold sores saw them heal faster than those who applied a placebo cream. In another study, people who used a proprietary topical formulation with zinc oxide, l-lysine, and 14 other ingredients saw a decrease in symptoms and duration of lesions. High doses of zinc can be dangerous. Zinc may interact with some antibiotics and with cisplatin, a chemotherapy drug. http://www.umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/condition/herpes-simplex-virus
    • Numb22
      I’m having a OB currently, my medicine doesn’t seem to be helping clear it up. I’ve been using aloe Vera for the itchiness down there  but that’s not helping this time! This is so annoying. Anything else I can try? 
    • Seeker1960
      @Lostgirl93 I know that you must be filled with a lot of different feelings which is totally normal. There are a couple of different things that have similar visual symptoms like HSV so  I wouldn't jump to conclusions. If you have an opportunity to swab the blisters when they are fresh you might get an answer. Blood testing will take a minimum of 8 weeks podt exposure but in general it is recommended to wait 12 to 16 weeks. Visually there is no difference in HSV2 and HSV1. HSV is very common so you are not alone in this if you actually have it. You will find a lot of good advice here. Take everything with a grain of salt like @LatentBloomer said there are no "experts" when it comes to H if there were we wouldn't be on this site together looking for answers. HSV affects us all differently because our immune responses are different. So for some this is just a mild skin condition and for others it is a cause of daily nerve pain. Some don't even have a clue they have it and continue to pass it on not knowing. The best thing is to get properly diagnosed. Not always easy because just like the virus is unpredicatable in some people so are the testing results. It took me months to get results I needed to confirm my diagnosis. How ever this turns out you are still the beautiful you! You will learn to live life and do everything you want to do. The virus doesnt define who or what you are. Good luck and don't stress, it is going to be okay.
    • WilsoInAus
      Happy to give a few more details. First I would disregard the IgM result and I'd say that if it was positive or negative. False positives are common and not everyone has detectable IgM antibodies upon a primary herpes infection. This test has little diagnostic value. IgG antibodies are part of your body's permanent immune response and a person will test positive for these antibodies from 3-12 weeks after infection. A person should expect to test negative in the first 3 weeks post an infection. Hence the blood tests confirm that you did not have any form of herpes most likely prior to the episode you describe. Visual diagnoses are 75% accurate at best. I'd say this one seems a bit at the presumptive end of the scale, but that's just me. Bacteria and yeast are indeed valid causes of your symptoms. There are no symptoms unique to herpes. The best 'tell' for herpes are lesions. The presence of lesions is the only symptom that would put herpes in the top 3 possibilities in a doctor's mind when diagnosing. You do not describe lesions. Some doctors may not have even been concerned regarding herpes as a possibility. Given this one has does suggest that you will need to have a repeat test 12 weeks after exposure for peace of mind. If lesions do appear, then immediately obtain a swab.
    • MoniqueLow
      Canada! I really love that my tax money is used so wisely :-/ https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/canada-150/ottawa-spending-half-a-billion-dollars-for-canadas-150th-anniversary/article33508942/%3Fservice=amp http://www.blogto.com/arts/2017/05/people-upset-about-200k-cost-giant-rubber-duck-ontario/
    • df9117
      I had protected anal sex about 10 days before this. I've been in contact with him and he says he's been tested and is negative. Doctor originally thought anal fissure but then the rash and lymph nodes led him to herpes. Could is potentially be a bacterial infection. Just confused with the negative blood tests but visual diagnosis.     
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