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How can you tell if you have herpetic whitlow?

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Hi all,

Just want to know what are the common signs of herpetic whitlow and how it looks like before outbreaking. I have cold sores and have been pretty watchful and careful how I handle my mouth area.

I've been washing my toothbrush every time I use it and that involves rubbing the soap into my hands to the point I have enough soap foam then I proceed to brush the bristles with it with my thumb.

Lately my left thumb is having a weird tingling sensation and I'm worried that I might have possibly self infected my thumb. Although highly unlikely because I have not cuts and the skin seems pretty firm. And from what I have been told self infections is harder to get after the primary outbreak unless you deliberately make an open wound and let herpes fluid seep into the wound.

So am I overreacting? Or could this be something totally different?

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Ok, so 4 days have passed and the tingling feeling is still there on my thumb but no outbreak on the thumb but I did get one on the top center of my lips.

So I guess I can say that I have no herpes infection on the thumb because from what I read most people say their fingers get really painful.

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its possible, i dont know if it has to have an opening necessarrily to infect?? i would keep an eye on it and dont touch anything else on any part of your body with your thumb..

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Hi Regret,

I talked to a sex therapist before and she told me that herpes likes to get transmitted through a cut, abrasion on the skin. Brushing your skin into sore has a higher chance of infection because those fluids contain millions of herpes viruses so it's harder for the immune system to halt the invasion.

But if your skin is healthy a herpes virus on the surface of the skin is very weak because it's outside of a human body and will die within minutes. Even if it doesn't die given that the conditions are preferable it's basically still a fish out of water and has no strength to do enough damage unless there is an opening.

My thumb had no opening as far as I could tell and even if did have the chances of an infection is so slim. Why? Because I wash my brush with soap before usage and after usage. Between each wash I would wash my hands again with soap. Lastly I soak my brush face down on a cup with a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol.

So I don't see how I could get an infection plus didn't they say after the first outbreak your body should have antibodies created to fight off herpes unless it's a huge number of viruses from the fluid seeping into your skin.

The only thing that is still bothering me is the tingling sensation. I can't have that peace of mind until the tingling stops. Does anyone ever had a tingling sensation longer than a week?

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I haven't experienced an outbreak anywhere other than my face - but I can almost feel my body fighting it off sometimes - I will get the tingling burn sensation on and off for several days in the viruses 'favorite spot' on my chin, but sometimes won't get a blister....

From what I have been reading it seems unlikely that you would have transferred it to your thumb unless fluid entered an opening.

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      Hi there wb, I am also an avid weight lifter and have genital herpes. I also take Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey. Like you, my outbreaks have been pretty constant over the last 12 months after many years of having few, if any noticeable outbreaks. I'm 43. I would be surprised if it's the protein shakes. The ratio of lysine to arginine in ON's gold standard whey is about 9 grams per 100 grams vs 2 grams per 100 grams. That's a 4:1 ratio of Lysine to Arginine which is very high. The hydrocortisol could be a problem. I have read that oral steroids can suppress the immune system, so perhaps get some more information on that from your doctor. What is your current exercise and training routine? You want to make sure that you are not overtraining. Lifting weights will stress the body. Exercise is good for the immune system, but overdo it and it will supress the immune system. I have been lifting weights for 20 years, but as I've gotten older, I know that my body is struggling to keep up, particularly after contracting herpes. I lift pretty heavy and use a four day split routine. I primarily use free weights and work in a rep range of 4-7, so I am lifting heavy and really taxing the body. I definitely think it plays a role in the frequency of outbreaks, because my training hasn't really slowed down in intensity as I've gotten older, yet the body requires more recovery time as you get older. I also think that because you recently started lifting, it's causing a shock to your body and immune system. Even though you have made these improvements to the quality of your life by starting to exercise and giving up smoking etc., you have introduced a new 'shock' to your body and your immune system is possibly still trying to get used to it. For me, I know that my weight training probably aggravates the herpes and my outbreaks, but it also makes me feel great both physically and mentally and i'm not prepared to give that up simply to lessen the frequency of outbreaks. What I do need to do is give my body more recovery time and get better sleep.
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      Hi Choosehappy,  I'm so sorry to hear your story. I don't know much about OCD but this website will help you realize that you are not alone with hsv. There are a lot of people here who can provide you with support and help educate you about ways to cope. We all had the same emotions in the beginning. We all had our first week. It will get better, I promise.  I suggest visiting the chat room, I have found that to be most helpful. You will find many people who will listen to your story and help answer your questions. Just know that you will get through this!
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