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Has anyone tried Virazide Cream (aka: Virazole, Ribavirin,)?

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Guest Anonymous

Just like to know if anyone has tried Virazide Cream. It's a drug that has been researched since the 80's and has been produced by a company that started out in Mexico. The company is named Valeant (http://www.valeant.com/index.html) and used to be under a different name, ICN Corporation. It is currently traded in the NYSE under VRX and is based in California. Russia, Mexico, and several other countries sell their anti-viral cream, Virazide, for treatment against genital herpes. The FDA has not approved this drug as of yet. However, they have approved an aerosol version of the drug for treating severe pnuemonia in children. I was thinking about ordering Virazide through MedsMex.com(it sells for about $35) but was hoping someone else has taken the plunge already. Bit's of research into the history of the drug indicate it is very effective and has a promising future. Please respond if you hear or know anything.




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Hey Mike!

I have been trying to learn as much as I can about Ribavirin but keep hitting roadblocks. Part of some kind of coverup??? Don't know. What I have found sounds promising though. Too me, I think it seems to work like a turbo charged valtrex. It seems to hit the virus pretty hard but must be used upon episode and is only a treatment for symptoms, not a cure. It is used here in the US in combination with another drug to treat Hep C and has been very effective. The FDA treated people intravenously with it to treat the Hanta virus outbreak in the last decade (research Hanta on-line and had a small quote in the movie "Outbreak"). Some freak named Richard Renda wrote about it's use treating HSV1 in So Cal under his magazine "TAG" on-line. He says you traet two back to back outbreaks along with a healthy diet and HSV 1 subsides. You would have to be the judge on his observences because he is quite the conspiracy theorist and claims to have started everyone in our shoes using Lysine. Very contraversal on alot of topics.

One thing i am quite convinced of is that even doctors and virologists don't really seem to know shit about HSV "because its only an inconvenience, not life threatening". So sometimes I wonder if a strong antiviral might kill HSV before it can retreat to the ganglia where it lays dormant before reactivating? I don't know but neither does anyone else. I have seen so many contradictions about HSV, its spread, how it activates, etc that I am looking into other treatments. i am going to Central America on vacation in May and plan on picking up some Vilona (aka Ribavirin) and will post my experience. I do know that pharmacies in Mexico that line the border price gouge and usually charge $40 for 12 capsules whereas a few miles away from teh border the price drops to around $20/12. Somebodies buying it!

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