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Please Help.!!!

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Guest Anonymous

Hi All, Thanks for reading. I am a 28 yr old male. I have gotten this rash of a girl(I think) about 5-10 days after i had sex with her, I started to get a bunch of red bumps all around my penis. There is absolutly no bumps or anything on my penis. It was itchy and i scratched and it spread. I then put some Bond creme on and it dryed it up. There was never any puss or fluid or sores from these reddish bumps that turned into a nice size rash on my inner thighs. Kinda like a diaper rash. Its now been 4 months since this started and I still have the itchyness and some bumps and very dry skin around(but not on) the scrotum or penis. The bumps now are dry, and like i said, I have never had any sores. I would love any info you may have. I know I should get checked but my Insurance dont kick in for another month. :cry:Is this Herpis or what? Thank you so very much.

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please help...is it herpes

feeling down.....please do yourself a favor...go to a doctor and have a type specific blood test.....that way you'll know for sure!!!

good luck......goodgirl

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