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Manuka Honey!

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Hi everyone. This is my first post, and it's a lulu.:-D I'm a 58 year old woman who was diagnosed with genital herpes in 1992, along with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. After multiple herpes outbreaks the first year, it all seemed to have died down - I had an outbreak in 2000 and that was the last one until this week. I guess my immune system has been down recently, because I also got my first coldsore in years about two weeks before the genital outbreak.

Anyway, here's the fantastic news! The outbreak was really bad, painful in the extreme, and it was the weekend, so I couldn't get to my doc for a prescription. However, several months ago I bought a jar of Manuka honey from the health food store, to deal with a possible HPV infection in my stomach. This honey is from New Zealand and has very high medicinal properties - the main one being that it is antimicrobial. I thought, what the heck, I'll try anything in my present state. So I just put a little on the tip of my finger (rubber gloved, of course), and applied it directly to the lesions. I couldn't believe it, but the whole mess was cleared up in two days. No crusting, nothing but clean vulval area.

So, in the interest of helping someone else, I thought I would post this here. This honey isn't cheap, but it's not the kind you put in your tea or bake with, so it will last a long time. If you want quick relief, believe me, this works.

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More about Manuka

Hi Blue Frog,

Yes, Manuka honey is gooey and sticky. It does have a strongly sweet odor, but not any stronger than some of the weird-smelling colognes and lotions people wear these days. But you don't need a lot; as I said, I just used a little dab on the tip of my finger each time, when I first got up, after my shower, and three or four times during the day. Because the lesions were within a labial fold, I just wore loose cotton undies and skirts to go out in. I guess if the lesions were on an exposed area, I'd probably want to cover them with an appropriately sized square of surgical gauze, to protect my clothing, at least for excursions outside my home. But it doesn't stain.

I've done a little research and found that medical studies were done with "Medihoney" (a trademarked brand of Manuka honey) on people with leukemia, who normally had very poor wound-healing ability, and that it increased the healing times for their lesions by an average of 50%. That's pretty amazing when you think about it.

Hope this helps.:cool:

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Hi Hope,

I know, Manuka Honey is great for your immune system and antibacterial.

How does it fight the virus? I like all natural things, had too many antibiotics in my life...

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    • faithandhope55
      what does worry me is I have had cold sores too yrs ago so what if that is the hsv2 virus as well and my child has drank after me or used my lip balm.  this was all befor ai knew i had it.
    • hopeful Rylee
      I feel rge same way. I was excited, until his response to my question about crispr. About how long away is crispr? Any one know?
    • brookeb300
      Ok - would taking precautions be like using condoms every time you have sex?  Idk i know im going to try to its difficult.
    • Lisajd
      Its skin to skin contact so with hsv2 you wont pass it unless hes exposed to your genitals which im assuming would not occur.  You have no worries.  
    • boricacid
      This is very good advice. He's a complicated fellow. 
    • Hester
      I'm waiting at least a year before I have sex again
    • YammyTea
      I'm a single parent as well.  @faithandhope55 I checked his mouth one day when he bit his cheek and my mind continues to worry.
    • SomethingsUp
      @gonnakillher that sounds so much like my experience, it's crazy. I have less symptoms - but the occasional swollen (2x in the left groin for me) lymph nodes, the lower body nerve pains, the lower back pain (worst right after encounter), the arm shocking. I have no itching skin symptoms (just some sensitivity sometimes) but have some ear ringing, muscle twitches.... And the thing is, I really want to believe I don't have it.

      I cling to the fact that she had HSV-2 for eight years, confirmed, and never knowingly passed it. I cling to the fact that I remember some minor back pains when I was sick a few weeks before the encounter, and that never totally went away. I cling to the fact that I'm a long time vegan and could have B12 deficiency (tough I took superdoses of B12 since April almost daily). I REALLY cling to the fact that I had a left eye twitch before the encounter, even if it got worse.

      I really really want to believe it's not herpes. I want to believe that getting intimate with a woman I really liked who was HSV positive after only a month and a half of dating was not an awful mistake. I try to convince myself that maybe I've had swollen lymph nodes in my groin before but never touched it enough to know. I do, after all, have swollen lymph nodes in my neck that I notice. I've even written off several potential lesions as cystic acne (which I get regularly, and know exactly how it looks and feels). I say all of that to say that I get frustrated when people say "why do you want to believe it's herpes?" just because I'm curious after a negative test 14+ weeks out. I really, really don't want it to be herpes. I have the tendency to try to believe I'm OK.  But all of these brand new sensations. The nerve pains all over my body, the lymph nodes, the leg muscle twitches - all started four days after exposure. The fact that the initial sensations were different and closer to my groin than the subsequent ones. That's scary to me. And it's so close to what you describe @gonnakillher.

      Just really hoping the stretches occasional minor eye twitches, along with the very short stretch of heart papiltations that I got a month or two before exposure developed into something and this is all a series of coincidences that came mysteriously tumbling down only days after having sex. I don't know when I'll have closure.

      The sad part is, I'm terrified of the stigma. Dating. These symptoms are not life altering in the slightest. I'm 30 and know a few women I'm interested in. They're interested in me. I don't know how to proceed.
    • Lisajd
      The first 6 to 12 months is higher possibility of transmission hence why hes ended up with it.  Some transmit and some dont but he did make the choice.  I have seen other situations such as this and the guys do end up.struggling with it...but hey we all do.   @Hester anti virals and condoms reduce risk but also its about you understanding your body and symptoms
    • Hester
      Would hsv2 show up that far away from the genital area?  Could you go to Planned Patent hood and have them swab it?
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