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Found out it's HSV-1 - what are his risks?


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Hi, all

Decided to find out for sure what I have. Got blood test back, only HSV-1 showed. I have had an ob genitally so that's got to be what that was. Based on what I know of past partners I assume I got it from a guy with asymptomatic shedding of a cold sore, but who's to really say.

Anyway, I am with a new boyfriend now. I told him I had Herpes before we had sex the first time 4 months ago, he stayed with me (yeah, there are good ones out there). After stressing myself out so badly about giving it to him I would like to be a little relieved that it's HSV-1, since from what I gather most people have antibodies for this. I'd like to have him tested and, if he is one of those with HSV-1, he may be protected somewhat.

But to what degree? If he has the antibodies, I know we won't know for sure but they may be for the above-the-waist type...in fact most likely they are. But does this protect him from getting it genitally from me if the virus is present on me?

Any insight and/or experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Palomita

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Just read that genital transmission - woman to HSV negative man - no sex during outbreaks - transmission - 2-3% over a year.

web md.com - I had posted the link last Thursday somewhere here... if I find it quickly I'll post it again - but search my posts from last week.

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I'm a man, but

I got genital HSV 1 from receiving oral sex, even though I've had oral HSV 1 antibodies since forever. I got this from a woman who said that she did not have any active cold sores at the time, but that she does get bad cold sores.

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He got it

Here's a follow up.

Since my original post we have moved in together and with increased sexual activity and him refusing to wear a condom, he did end up getting it after about 7 months. He never got the blood test to determine if he carried antibodies for HSV-1 but I am assuming he didn't. Now, to be totally clear, we did not do a culture on him because by the time I found out the lesions were almost healed. But it looked to me like a primary ob. He reluctantly admitted he hadn't had anything like that ever (he was afraid of me freaking out and feeling awful so he downplayed it at first). So from that I figured it was a primary ob and he did get it from me. Also, he had no sex partner for some time before me. AND I had been feeling a little funny down there recently, but thought it was a yeast infection. Probably was prodomal. Never really manifested into anything though.

He is taking it in stride. Thankfully for our relationship I was up front with him about the virus. I of course was totally devastated when I found out. But we are fine and now married and expecting a baby. This transmission to him has made me terrified of giving it to our baby during birth and I am assessing the risk. I have had 2 cultures so far come back as negative. I understand that the antibodies I pass to my fetus will protect her to a large degree. The odds are really low for transmitting a standing HSV infection, esp. compared to the risks of transmitting a primary infection that occurs during pregnancy. There's a lot of great info and helpful members for this topic under "Pregnancy and Herpes" (or something similar) on this site.

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