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New herpes test, Anyone had it and where can i get it?


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My boyfriend just informed me that he is concerned about the possiblity of his having come in contact with herpes by an ex of his and would like to get tested. unfortunately he has had chicken pox before so the BLot test won't work. I've read there are a few new tests available, ie the POCkit HSV2 Rapid test and two tests for HSV-1. Does ayone know where we can get these administered? We live in orange county, california. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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The Western Blot is supposed to be the most accurate, followed by the ELISA, according to studies, and the FDA. The POCkit test has up to 50% error rate :!: again, according to studies.

See the very last part of the following web page:


For the ELISA, they list more information at www.focusanswers.com

Good luck and let us know what you come up with~!


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