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Im new to the board obviously. Just a couple concerns and a little background on my situation.

Im 23 years old and Ive never been in a serious relationship or anything. I was on and off seeing one girl for the past year or so. She moved away for a semester after college, came back, and wanted to get together again. About two weeks ago we hung out, one thing led to another, we kissed and she gave me oral sex. For some reason something seemed odd about the whole thing almost immediately afterwards and over the course of the week I started getting sick and got a lot of the symptoms (minus the sores) associated with herpes. My mood has been up and down of course....right now Im feeling okay but earlier I was in a horrid mood. I did see a doctor but since I didnt show external signs they didnt do any testing. Im going to wait a bit and test for antibodies. Anyway, what should I do? Is there any good support groups for HSV? Im almost positive I have it so I plan to abstain for a few months until I have everything in order....I have another friend who I have kissed quite a few times and I really dont want to infect her. How should I approach this? Any assistance or advice is really appreciated.

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First of all, what kinds of symptoms do you have? Are you having mood swings and/or are you just feeling tired, worn down, like you have the flu, etc?

This may seem obvious, but did you see or feel any sores in this girl's mouth when she gave you oral sex or when you kissed? Did she ever say anything to you about having an STD?

For now the best thing to do is watch for any signs of bumps, pimple-like sores, itching, burning, stinging when you urinate, anything unusual visually down there and go back to the doctor immediately as soon as anything visible shows up so that they can culture it and make a diagnisis.

Hope this helps.

Meantime, try not to freak! We're here for you...

Best wishes,

Chris 8)

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well I felt a lot of pressure on my abdomen on tuesday a few weeks back (the night after the whole ordeal) and that entire week I was sick with flu like symptoms. I seem to be over that for the most part. My mouth hasnt broke out to my knowledge but it has been sort of sore on my lips, and I have noticed small white bumps in my mouth...although its possible those are just bits of skin Ive loosened from constantly checking my mouth with my tounge.

But no, she definetly didnt mention any STD to me, and she had no exposed sores in her mouth that I felt. Ironically I had discussed the whole STD thing probably two weeks prior, and I declined to mess around because I joked that my herpes was acting up. How ironic. :roll:

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also, is it better to go see a doctor when something visual shows up, or should I just wait for 12 weeks or so and get a blood test for antibodies? also, will they be able to determine if I have 1 or 2?

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Planned parenthood will check for STDs yes, but if you are concerned it may be something else, I would go to a MD who may be better versed in overall conditions.

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Im sort of confused. First week I had a lot of lower body pain, etc etc etc. By the third week (this week) I havent shown any real sores or anything, but my mouth was killing me earlier this week. I used a lot of carmex and never seemed to develop any real lesions but I do have a bit of discoloration on the lower lefthand corner of my lip which looks like it could have turned into a sore had I not self remedied it.

Soooo without any visible sores, should I just wait 8-12 weeks and go get a blood test? Also, how do I explain this to a potential girlfriend? "We cant make out anymore because I might have herpes but Im not sure" sounds like a bizarre cop out and I dont want her to think I dont like her and Im just making excuses.

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Better to be safe then sorry! But don't worry about it so much. You maybe be causing your symptoms by thinking you have it and worrying. Just like some women want to be pregnant so bad their body fakes a pregnancy.

Breath deep and relax. Your new girlfriend may respect you a great deal if you take things slow and above all be honest with her.

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