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Black Orchid's Story - worth reading again....


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For those of you I have helped, or have yet to learn from... please read this:

I keep hearing people complain about how bad they have it.

The day I read this post was the day I realized I needed to shut up, stop complaining, and appreciate life.

If Black Orchid can do it. I can too.

If you come back to the site Black Orchid - please know that it was you who changed my life when I read your story. Since then I have tried to be that for others - I thank you. And anyone who has thanked me - is also, in turn, thanking you - for if not for you, I would not have been here so long.

Sincerely -


Hi Lily

I am a 34 yr. young woman who has been infected with the virus at birth. I can school you a little bit about what I know except for one factor that you would need to do research on & ask experts about. That is about the posibility of having a location that is inside the uterus. I am unsure if that is a posibility. My belief would be if you have a location there then the fetus could be infected.

What I can share with you is the locations outside the body. It would be sensible to not have an ob during pregnancy or childbirth but not completely realistic. Obs are many times out of your control. Stress and diet are no. 1 causes of ob. Once an ob occurs it's there. Stress is hard to manage sometimes but harder when we carry this virus because an ob can occur almost immediately when stress levels rise. So to say "not to have an ob during pregnancy or childbirth" is not always realistic esp. since it is stressful on the body and emotions.

Speaking for locations outside the body, during pregnancy baby will be fine. It is when baby is being born that you need to be cautious & careful. Make sure it is clear to doctors that you have the herpes virus. When you go into labor your doctor should check to see visually if you have an active ob on your private. You must make sure you request that he check. If you do have active ob that is when you need c-section.

The reason I was infected at birth was that no one talked btwn parents and doctors. Perhaps my mother didn't say anything, perhaps the doctors didn't check but whatever the case there was a lession present at time of my birth. My story is complicated more by this. I am a second born twin and was a breech baby. The only child of her 6 children that is h-virus positive. I have a picture of me at 3 yrs with ob. My theory is that the activity of my twins birth broke the lession. Then the doctor brought the

h-virus fluid into the uterus while reaching in to turn me around touching me with infected hands, even if it was gloved. Turning me around and pulling me out and holding me with adult males hands just put me in the situation I am in today. My obs cover areas on face mainly mouth nose and right eye and my buttocks mainly mid area and right cheek. I have very little by the crease of my leg and private. The nurses and doctor(s) did not wash me in iodine. My new virus dna went undiagnosed. Later in infancy the doctors reported that I had unexplained recurring rashes. Years later I found out I have neonatal herpes symplex 1 & 2. My years as you young child was spent with numerous ob on face, embarrasement, low self esteem and depression.

I still have these feelings. I continue to educate myself on this topic and learn how to manage and deal. Often though I still feel alone at times of ob. I guess there is no other choice. It is my disease, my body's dna. It is a dna that dominates and has control. It is a constant battle. I average an ob a week. I have to change my diet completely. I have to learn stress management.

Since I have had this change in dna for 34 yrs it has depleted my immune system to a degree where my immune has a hard time fighting the disease. The virus depletes the immune disease fighting system which causes more frequent and severe ob. Somehow I still try to find the blessing side in it all. Still struggling...Black Orchid

"Somehow I still try to find the blessing side in it all."

Love to Black Orchid for teaching me how.

I suggest the rest of us do too.

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