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Had a biopsy, but another Dr. says it is herpes?


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I am a female who has been having some issues for a few years now. I get a mild rash about every 6 months. No blistering, no burning. Just redness and soreness.

The last time this happened I got in to see my OBGYN. She did a visual exam and stated that the "rash" did not look like herpes. To be on the safe side, she completed a hole-punch biopsy.

The biopsy came back as a hemangioma (clustered blood vessels) -- negative for herpes. Since that time, I have gotten the "rash" about 3 times and have had a miscarriage read: lots of blood work completed), and have been diagnosed with a blocked bladder and an on medication for that condition. I have had 2 OBGYNS and 3 Urologists look at this rash before and all have stated the "rash" was nothing to worry about.

Now my current concern; My OBGYN stated next time it flared to come in to see her. Unfortunately, she was on vacation and I had to see another Dr. in her office. He looked and said it looked like a "mild" case of herpes. He took a culture and sent it to the lab. I am now waiting for the results. In the interim he gave me a prescription for Valtrex.

I am sick with worry. My husband and I have been married for 2 years and have been sexually active for 2 and half. I purposely went to my OBGYN 2 times prior to becoming sexually active with my husband to rest assured that I would not have anything prior to engaging sexually with him. Now 2 years later, I am told I have herpes. My husband has had zero symptoms and no rashes at all (I know that really means nothing since this virus can go undetected for years).

I guess why I am posting here is to ask the likelihood of this being missed by 4 or more doctors AND a hole-punch biopsy.

Thank you for your insight and help.

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I can tell you of many cases where things are misdiagnosed... some cases look so different that a doc may base it only on what they have seen prior... and a biopsy is targeting specific things, did they target HSV?if you end up positive, I'd suggest telling the docs they misdiagnosed you - to help the next person. Honestly, I've been meaning to do that but I've been a bit angry about it because the doc looked at me when I was pregnant and was cold about my concerns... I'm just lucky I had a c section and no OBs during labor.

Good luck with your results - let us know..

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It was positive

The culture came back positive.

I know this isn't the end of the world -- but it sure does feel like a real show-stopper.

I guess over time I will get used to this. I am over the fear aspect -- now I am just angry. I am sure that too shall pass.

I am lucky -- my husband has been extremely supportive. Since we aren't sure if I was exposed first or if he was exposed first he is going to get bloodwork done to see if he is positive.

Interesting side note: My regular Dr. asked me if my husband had coldsores -- and if we had had oral sex -- obviously that would mean I had HSV-1 in the genital area. That caused me to ask her if the culture came back as HSV-1 or HSV-2. She said they don't even differentiate between the two anymore - it is so common -- she said 10 years ago when she was completing her residency they were very strict about defining which version -- now she said it really doesn't matter.

She said they pretty much act the same and pose no serious health risk -- other than the OBs and the potential to spread. She also said that it is estimated by 80% of Americans have one or both by the age of 65.

Has anyone else ever heard this?

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Yes, everything your doc said is true, except some docs still do type tests - mine did. The only point of knowing is to know if you're at risk for getting the other type. Thats all. It's easier to get type 1 lower than it is to get type 2 upper - but who knows...

I'm glad your husband is supportive. Even though we were starting divorce proceedings, when we both found out there wasn't much of the blame game - I think he thinks I gave it to him - I KNOW I didn't have it prior to him - I had major surgery - if I had HSV I surely would have had an OB. But it didn't matter - we had it.

Good luck dealing - it seems like your optomistic - good. I think it may be harder being single where is effects your future so much. I don't know.

Best wishes.


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