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I went to the gyno for my annual visit, and I pointed out 2 things to her: a slightly swollen lymph node near my groin and 2 pimples on my labia (one on the right and one on the right). She seemed really confident that it is herpes, so I got the blood test. But I'm still waiting for the results. I'm so scared and nervous, and I feel so ashamed and isolated and dirty and undesirable. I'm trying not to worry myself before I get the results back, but I feel like I should expect the worst while hoping for the best.

Does this sound like herpes symptoms to any of you? From what I've researched online, it doesn't sound like herpes to me.

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Not to scare you, but that is exactly how mine started. I also tried to convince myself that it couldn'r be - a natural response, but wait for your results - and know whether you are positive or negative there are ppl here (and everywhere) who are going through this as well - don't feel alone or ashamed.

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"I guess this is like my kick in the butt to get going and do what I was put here to do."

Life is giving you lemons.... let us know when the lomonade stand is open!

All of your feelings are shared here - believe me, but what will change it your self confidence as you get used to the idea of having this - should it become a reality for you. Take care of yourself first - remember that - I have a feeling you are one to put your energies elsewhere first (like someone I know) You will be fine, just allow yourself your feelings without letting them take over. We will be here as you need us...

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thank you

I just got my results, and they were negative. But my life has been forever changed, regardless.

I can't thank you enough for your kind words and wisdom. I plan on taking this experience and using it to follow my career path as a sex educator, and try to raise awareness and acceptance among those who are neither aware or accepting. Good luck in all you do.

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