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I've posted a few times both about my own stuff, and in response to others, and now I have a question: I have what I believe to be HSV 1, which I believe to be the case for a few reasons: I've had OBs in my mouth since I was 4 or 5, I was orally raped along with an older cousin my her dad, and now she officially has HSV. The uncle/dad is long out of our lives (in fact, my aunt had to get a court order FOR MY COUSINS AND I TO BE ABLE TO SEE HIM during divorce proceedings, cuz he wanted nothing to do with us kids but my cousins wanted to see their dad and I wanted to tag along with them. Then the &^%hole anded up doing THAT to us.) Anyway, I've had OBs for 20 years now, I've never gone to the doc to have them swabbed and my doc refuses to do a blood test because she says they are not accurate...I have insurance, private and Medi-Cal. I live in CA and was wondering if anybody knows if Planned Parenthood will do a blood test, and how much it will cost??


Chris (tina)

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Chris - a buddy of mine just called or went to the website for UW - University of Washington where they do the western blot tests. They sent her via mail the whole kit with a test tube, cold pack and return info - I think for free. I'll ask her to post the info - if she gets on here she may beat me to it... but you can try - otherwise, planned parenthood I've heard does testing on a donation basis - but its not clear. If you go or call, can you let us know their policies? That would be awesome.

Good luck - I'll try and get the UW info for you - let me know if you get it first - send me a pm.

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