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The '3 month window period' for Herpes testing?


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From the CDC, I found out that an accurate testing for Herpes (the kind we get through sex on the genital areas) is about 3 months time. But, some clinics say it is 21 days. I currently have no visible symptoms (maybe had them, but they're gone now), so should it be best if I just wait the 3 months period before testing?

I have also heard that these tests for Herpes are not very reliable and seem very complex? Some clinics won't even do a test for Herpes unless there are visible sores on a patient.

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Well, the thing was I may have had it. My last sexual encounter (unprotected vaginal) was more than 6 weeks ago. I remember very clearly that on the same night we had sex, the moment after I ejaculated in her, I had went to use the toilet. I noticed that my urination was the longest I had ever experienced. It was very long. Even if I had drank a lot of water or other liquids on any given day, the urinating would not take that long. I later asked the girl if she or her previous lovers ever used protection during sex. She said no. She had a very complicated sexual past. This made me very suspicious the entire night and I asked myself why I had been so stupid to allow myself this potential risk???

The next 2 days I felt ashamed and frightened of the whole ordeal. I remember on the 2nd day after the encounter, I took a long and hot shower. I may have over-washed the penis and burned the foreskin area under the head of the penis. I don't know for sure...

The next day, that area under the foreskin began to itch and burn. It was red too. I also noticed a very very small red spot near that area. The spot was neither painful nor itching. I really thought I had burned myself during the shower. For 2 days, the foreskin area itched and burned. The next day, I applied Vaseline on the area and the itching and burning as well as that little red dot disappeared 2 days later. I don't know if it was the Vaseline that did the job or it had just gone on its own???

Then, I noticed that my buttocks (esp. left side) was burning whenever I sat on my leather chair. It had disappeared on its own after a couple weeks.

Also, my arch area of the right foot had a burning sensation 9 days after that sexual encounter. I was under a lot of stress at that time because I was reading up online about HIV and other STD symptoms. I couldn't sleep. The burning sensation under my right foot was gone after a couple weeks due to either me wearing magnetic soles under my shoes or it had gone on its own.

I also have these strange nerve-related pains in my hands/arms (esp. left one). I also have pains in my right leg (sometimes resembling cramps and electric shock pains).

All of this came after that sexual encounter, although I think it could be stress-induced as well.

I have read that Herpes can cause peripheral neuropathy type of pains and symptoms, so that is why I am kinda concerned right now. I will get tested by the 3 month mark.

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While you are reading, look for al the people who have "read" about symptoms, developed, or remembered symptoms, and then came up negative.

The length of your urination has ne bearing on anything as far as I'm concerned - and if I had a penis, I would imagine hot water and scrubbing would make the skin irritated.

You said: "Well, the thing was I may have had it." I know, I've read your posts. But your reasons are not valid for assuming you have it.

Unless you say to me: "she told me she may have (or has) HSV" or "she had an open sore" I can't see why you are so positive she exposed you.

I say wait because antibodies need time to multiply to know for sure - false positives or negatives happen when the tests are done too soon.

Please do not imagine symptoms - there are so many things that can cause similar syptoms - like.... stress.....

Tell me if I'm wrong that you have a concrete reason to think you have herpes - but you will not know until the doc tells you you are positive - don't self diagnose - you may regret it.

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I have not had a recurring outbreak and it's been 7 weeks since the last sexual encounter. So, I don't know if I do have it or not. I agree with you. I will wait the 3 months period because I know that Herpes testing is the most unpredictable and unreliable of any STD tests.

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    • EssenceL25
      I’m going to force him to get tested ! Thanks for your help ! 
    • WilsoInAus
      @EssenceL25 there really isn't a question mark around the source, it's your latest partner. The median time from infection to an outbreak of lesions upon initial infection is 4 days.  The only thing that isn't certain is the type I suggest.
    • EssenceL25
      I asked if it was hsv 1 or 2 and the doctor said it was Hsv2. I’m not sure i just asked him when he was tested last he said this year I said I think we should go test together and he agreed . I’m going to bring it up again cause I really need to know if he gave this to me I wasn’t sure since it was so close to my previous relationship.
    • WilsoInAus
      @EssenceL25 then it is all beyond reasonable doubt that the current partner is the source. A 'perfect' fit in terms of timing, symptoms and swab. It may be though that the type is not technically known. Culture swabs are very often not typed and just assumed to be HSV-2 if taken from a genital location. If you received oral sex in the days leading into 7 March then it is 50/50 as to whether this is HSV-1 or HSV-2. You could contact your doctor and confirm if the swab was actually typed (which is a second test where fluorescent antibodies for HSV-1 and HSV-2 are added and see which one 'glows').  If that test wasn't done then you do not know type. If you have oral HSV-1 yourself (cold sores) then this will be HSV-2. Does your partner have oral HSV-1? It is somewhat strange for him not to rush and test - many people have a 'reaction' if they truly do not know their status and have concerns that you infected them etc. (not initially rational of course). This indicates he may know his status - or maybe he just isn't simply the sharpest tool in the shed!?
    • EssenceL25
      I had flu like symptoms and ulcers on my vagina . They did a culture and I tested positive for hsv2. I asked my partner to get tested he agreed but I’m not sure if he will cause he hasn’t said anything else about it. 
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