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Last Saturday I had an outbreak on my girly parts that spread really really bad.

A week later, they started to go away, but then I got a whole new outbreak on my butthole. (blehhhh) Which has been terrible, but now they are kinda starting to go away too.

WELL, now I got a new outbreak again on my actual butt cheek.

So, it's just outbreak after outbreak after outbreak. And mainly all in places where I've never even had an OB.

This isn't my first ob either...it's like my 10th.

What the hell is going on? I am doing everything possible to keep them at bay. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in almost two weeks...and everytime I think I'm in the clear another ob shows up and I'm devastated.

Should they really be coming in overlaps like this, and in so many random places?

PLEASE HELP ME! I am seriously losing my sanity here. :(

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Ultra Violet

I don't know how helpful this is but I feel for you and am sending you a big virtual hug!

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It seems to me that, if this is not your first ob, there must be something precipitating this cycle, or compromising your immune system enough to allow the virus to flourish.

You say you haven't had a good night's sleep in 2 weeks. Exhaustion could be a big factor. The stress of repeated obs and the accompanying discomfort could be a contributing factor as well.

One thing I have found since I've had H is that I don't get colds and the normal run-of-the-mill crap that makes the rounds at work anymore. While everyone else is calling in sick, I'm fine. Instead, I get an ob. For example, within the past 3 months, both my son and my partner both got terrible colds. Both times, I started to get the beginning symptoms of a cold (scratchy throat, runny nose, etc,) but the symptoms disappeared within a day or two. Each time, though, I immediately developed an ob. That seems to be the pattern for me anymore.

My mother, who also had herpes, was the same way. Whenever she felt like she was coming down with something, the symptoms (whatever they were) would disappear quickly, and she'd get one of her "fever blisters" (on her butt) or a "pimple on her wooze", as she called them. But I can't remember my mother ever actually being sick.

My point is, could it be that you've been exposed to something else that you may have fought off, but that left your immune system weakened? Are the people around you (co-workers, family, friends) healthy?

If it's not that, have there been any changes in your life (even subtle ones) that may have you stressed? It doesn't take a giant upheaval to create stress, you know. Most often, it's the little things that make us crazy. How's your diet? Is there anything you've added or taken away?

I hope you get some relief, soon. Most important, try not to let this stress you out anymore. That's easier said than done, but resolve to take it in stride and keep a positive attitude. Maybe you could curtail some of your activities for a while and just let your body rest. Your body needs some TLC just now, so try not to push yourself to maintain your usual level of activity.

Good luck, and feel better soon.

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Thanks UltraViolet and Writer. I have been stressed lately, just moved away from my family and started a new job. And I do still get colds...I just had a pretty severe one about the time my outbreaks started. So, I'm sure it definitely does have something to do with a weak immune system at the time. But your support and understanding is amazing. Thanks so much! :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • blurneworder
      Breakouts meaning zits? My mouth is also red, especially on the edges. I keep getting zits around my mouth and my top lip is constantly chapped. i too am starting to get the nerve pain in the butt. i also have redness on the penis and white peeing skin. what else could affect those areas other than herpes? What coincidentally affects the mouth, penis, and anus after sex that is not herpes?
    • justfine622
      Hey Littleoscar,   Welcome. Did you just decide to completely avoid the search? Was it a mental block, the severity of the symptoms, or some combination?
    • Mbtb
      My boyfriend at the time had a sore on his groin that looked like an ingrown hair. He slept with a girl who got hsv2 from another guy. The other guy has only had the one outbreak like me. The girl just recently had her second outbreak. I got bloodwork done about a month and half after the sore appeared. This guy I just disclosed to, how do I fix this?
    • Joey1987
      Awesome! So glad to hear it. If this protocol from Biogetica fails, that is going to be my next option. SO far Im on my second month with no OBs and no antivirals, which is huge for me. I also dont like to use the word "cured" but its definitely helping!
    • Joey1987
      Well I have received their protocol for the last 2 months, wired them money via paypal, and they have always sent me the products. And Im on my second month no OBs and no antivirals....so something is obviously working. Did it "cure me? I doubt it. But it has definitely helped!

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