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What else could it be?


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Well, I figure this is a good place to start asking questions. Lemme tell my story.

When I was younger (16-17, still a virgin), after masturbating once I ended up with a bunch of sores on my penis. I am circumcised and they were up just underneath the head. They weren't like blisters. They would scab up with a clear kind of scab. This happened a few more times and then nothing for a long time. I am 26 now. I was a virgin till 23 if you can believe that and have only ever slept with two women. I have always used condomns. I just recently got some sores on the top of my penis that are similar to the ones I had when I was younger, they just kind of showed up. They are taking an extremely long time to heal ( more than a month ). I don't know what they could be besides herpes. I am just extremely bummed because I have no idea how I could have gotten it. Ok, I'm just rambling now. Just had to say something to someone.

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You should have it checked at a clinic. The doctor can give you treatment or antibiotics even if it is not an STD. Treat it before it gets to something worse. Do they hurt and burn? Most likely it would if it was some STD.

Yeast infections (ie Candidas, Trich) can cause small blisters on the penis. So can genital warts.

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herpes blisters dont take a month to heal, so I wouldnt think thats what it is.

it may just be a cyst that occurs on your penis, since you had it before you ever had sex it seems unlikely that it would be HSV. You should get it checked out with a dermatologist.

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