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lady luck

Men *are* from Mars!!!

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lady luck


I discovered something wasn't right exactly one week ago. My fears were confirmed last Monday by the doctor, and I'm awaiting my test results to discover whether it's genital HSV 1 or 2.

I called the guy I had been seeing last Sunday and let him know that I thought I had HSV. We have known each other for almost a year, and had again been seeing each other nearly every weekend for the last month. It was all so peachy! He didn't take the news so well- he sounded quite shocked, and I spoke to him again that afternoon (he said he would come and visit me, but of course he didn't). I have been speaking to him sporadically over the last week, and he knows that he's the only person I've told (I just moved overseas alone- I knew him from home).

He has always been pretty safe with sex (apparently), and he seems to be sure that my HSV might be due to the fact that he's had cold-sores in the past. He's in denial about the possibility of him having genital HSV (we had unprotected sex two weeks ago). I think he wanted to wait until we both got our test results back...he should have received his a couple of days ago, but I haven't heard from him.

I'm finding it really frustrating- I just want him to be supportive, or maybe send a text or call me to see how I'm doing!!! Is this too much to ask? I've been extremely fair- I haven't gotten upset with him even though I am certain I got HSV from him. I have put myself in his shoes and given him a lot of space. It's not like I'm crying down the phone to him every day.

What more can I do?

This is driving me crazy- any thoughts, experiences, and tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Thanks in advance!

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yes, they are. he's in denial. not psychologically equipped to deal w this. withdrawing. sounds familiar. what can you do? unfortunately, nothing. just back off. let him know he can call you and talk to you anytime and that you are here. then back off. he is dealing w not only fear for himself but guilt for what you are going thru. i know you are thinking about the both of you, but his head is in a diff place and his focus is on himself. doesn't make him a bad guy. hopefully he'll come around and act right. if he's lucky you will still be there for him when he does. try to focus on YOU. do things for yourself to make you feel good.

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lady luck

Ah, so true. Thanks, I really just needed to hear that from someone else! I will focus on me for awhile, best advice yet!

Thanks again.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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