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Herpes testing question

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Not to long ago i went to they gyno to be tested for herpes but i'm really confused!!!!! I didn't have any symptoms and it had been about 4 months since i had been with the person (that i just found out had known that he has had it since the summer Jerk!!!!) The doctor tested me for clamidya,gonnarehea, hiv, and then he said he was gonna do a separate test for the herpes. He just used a swab and swab all around down there and told me that it would tell me if i was a carrier of herpes. But I thought you had to have a blood test if you didn't have any lesions???? I didn't say anything to the doctor at the time because i was sooo nervous and scared!! Anyways he said it would take about 2 weeks to get the results back and they came out neg. The only reason i'm nervous again is because i found out the guy i was with was lying to me when he said that he had just shown signs and i guess he had gotten it over the summmer!!!!!!!!!! I got a bill in the mail and it said DNA Probe?? but i'm not sure what kind of test was given to me.... i"M about to call and ask.

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Is there an acurate swab test for people with out lesions???

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The only STD test that I know of that test for DNA is HIV.

HIV/AIDS testing is worthless for 3 months window period. Some people can take as long as 6 months to show antibodies for HIV/AIDS. Many people with HIV don't have symptoms. Test again at 6 months for 100% accuracy.

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no outbreak - no swab - only blood testing.

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    • clarke53
      thats bs i have hsv2 oral 
    • Free73
      Why are you not getting the blisters swabbed? I dont understand why people leave their blisters and go and get blood tests. Swabbing a blister is the gold standard for diagnosing herpes
    • Lisajd
      I'm sorry that things have worked out that way some doctors are very incompetent and in the main it is a real hassle to actually do something about it.  After my testing one doctor told me that I didn't have herpes and then when I saw my usual Dr she told me that I did and during that time I've actually slept with someone that I was seeing but fortunately he didn't get it and there was nothing I could do about it really. You know that you are young 16 and you have a lot of time ahead of you to be in a relationship so just focus on sorting out this problem with your panic and getting through school and just enjoy being young and worry about relationships later.  If your boyfriend has not been able to accept that it wasn't herpes and wait continue the relationship then he really isn't worth being with you.  
    • LinksJ
      I did have sexual and oral sexual encounters. 3 total. But without antibodies, and no recurrences, idk what to do. I also have fasiculations. Thyroid autoimmune, but wouldn't that mean I would be getting more OBs? Might just wrap up and go from there. Not really my fault if I pass something I've been told I don't have.
    • Hester
      JB I'd like to be in the Swirls group. Can you friend request me?  Hester Prynne cat photo 
    • Em18
      Update:  this last weekend i got very sick again and threw up a ton the sores came back and almost passed out, i did so much research and found what i really have IT'S NOT HERPES. my doctor honestly ruined my life by making that misdiagnosis, that caused my boyfriend to realize how he doesn't know if he can trust me and just broke up with me last night and all of our problems started after THE DOCTOR told us wrong. Not only did my doctor ruin my 2 year relationship with my boyfriend but this caused my parents to find out about my sex life and im 16 and they are very religious people so now they won't let me out of the house at all unless it is to school. my boyfriends (well now ex boyfriends) tests came back negative OBVIOUSLY because its impossible for me to have herpes, so i kept researching.  and this is what i found, I have aphthous ulcers which are caused by alot of emotional stress NOT SEX!! i got these and literally gave myself a fever and stressed myself out so badly i got sores. All because i was stressed about work my permit and summer project that was due, i then became more stressed because i had to take care of my grandma all weekend on vacation and was super stressed about school starting and if my relationship was ending SINCE MY BOYFRIEND THOUGHT I WAS CHEATING. i now have realized that i have panic attacks very often and it's not good, i lost the trust with my parents, lost the love of my life.. all because my stupid doctor didnt look at the past pictures of my ulcers which are perfectly described on this website to be "This then breaks down into a punched-out ulcer, which is covered with a loosely attached white, yellow or greyish membrane. Surrounding tissue is healthy and unaffected. Sometimes these ulcers can be painful, particularly if they are irritated by movement"  so thanks doc   just wanted to let yall know the conclusion to this terrible time, thanks for standing by me when i needed people! -love em
    • Lisajd
      Obs are fewer yes and genital yes also because hsv1s preferred location is the mouth.   Not sure re genital to oral though.  Assuming non h partner in this scenario?
    • Kimbo
      Hi, Im a 31 years old male, and have been having this "on and off" lesions on my genital since late 2013 from my ex-gf. I have accepted the fact that i probably caught hsv on my genital, But after many times of Blood testing for HSV 1 and 2 .... None of the test results confirmed that i have it. The worst result was just borderline and I have never tested positive for HSV during the times....  However I have got positive result for Chlamydia and HPV. Here are the timeline of testing and results ... Oct 2013 - Got together with my ex-gf (Initial sexual contact and got blisters few days after)
      16 Nov 2013 - Went to get tested for Syphillis, HSV 1 and 2 (IgG and IgM), and HPV (Only HPV came back positive)
      21 Nov 2013 - Brought my ex-gf to get tested to for Chlamydia (IgG and IgM), HSV 1 and 2 (IgG and IgM), and HPV  (Chlamydia positive both IgG and IgM, HSV 1 and 2 positive IgG... negative on IgM, HPV positive)
      Feb 2014 - Broke up with my ex-gf (Nothing to do with these results btw)
      2 Oct 2014 - Went to get tested again for HSV 1 and 2 since the blisters came back (Only HSV 2 IgG came back borderline).
      12 Dec 2014 - Went to get tested again for HSV 1 and 2 because didnt have confirming result (Still only HSV 2 came back borderline again).
      26 Mar 2015 - Went to get tested for Chlamydia (IgG and IgM), HSV 1 and 2 (IgG and IgM), HPV and HIV (Chlamydia came back positive IgG, HSV 1 IgG borderline). This is the first test i did on Chlamydia for myself and i just found out that i had it, notice also that HSV 2 IgG had become negative, and my body have cleared up on HPV).
      18 Aug 2016 - Went to get tested again for Chlamydia (IgG and IgM), Hep B, HSV 1 and 2 (IgG only) (Chlamydia IgG positive, HSV 1 and 2 IgG had turned negative). That was the last test i did which is just few days ago ... and I am confused with what i have. I do get lesions on my genitals on and off during all those periods since the first time in late 2013 (roughly 4 times a year) and i have assumed since the first test that i caught HSV. But after learning from the internet that chlamydia actually got a version called Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV), I am left in the dark once again. From what i read, this LGV seems to have the symptoms similar to HSV (Blisters and swollen lymph node (groin) which ive been having on and off to this time). I am aware of some members that have conflicting results as well (Negative blood test but persisting symptoms), but as i read through it, most of them did not get the active lesions (just prodorme). I just need to have a conviction of what i have so i can take proper medication for it. My doctor doesn't seem to be so helpful on this, and he just said that i have both HSV and chlamydia since my ex-gf have it too. I have taken medication for HSV (valacyclovir) and Chlamydia during those times. I have also learned that the IgG test for Chlamydia only confirmed that i had it in the past and says nothing about my current status. For experienced members here, would u please throw some opinions on whats your take on this case?? Do i or do i not have HSV ?? Is it possible for HSV Blood test to never came back positive (4 times), even after 3 years u've been having lesions on and off?? Thanks
    • Seeker1960
      I have used Voltern topical gel. It is for nerve pain and by prescription. I dont use nerve pain meds either. Methol gel also works well and can be bought without a perscription. I tried lidoderm patches with mixed success. You can also try lidocaine spray by prescription. I think Voltern is the best. Good luck
    • gonnakillher
      @Seeker1960 Thank you for your input. I never bank on the rarities. Too many odd things have happened to me in the past. I'm going to order the Western Blot at 6 months. Btw, what do you take/do to relieve the symptoms? I cannot take Neurontin for the nerve pain or I'll lose my job. I've taken Acyclovir 3 different occasions and it has helped tremendously. Thanks again
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