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Extremely Sick.....HV1?


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First off I'm VERY VERY healthy and never get sick. I know everyone says that but for me its true.

Last Wednesday I kissed and gave oral sex to a new partner for the first time. And after we had finished I had a mild stomach ache. No big deal right? The next morning I woke up with a BAD stomach ache sore throat and a fever. By that afternoon I had uncontrollable chills and shivering with an even worse fever(103.7). My sore throat was getting worse and all my lymph node in my neck were swelling up so bad it just hurt to touch my neck. And about that evening I started to notice my lips where tingling and starting to burn. Didnt think much of that cuz I was in such bad shape in other areas of my body. No rash, no spots, no buring, no nothing on my penis. The next day, day 3, I woke up and noticed that their were a small cluster of what looked like little bitty blisters starting to form on my lower lip. 6 of them to be exact. They were getting puffy and painful. Also I noticed I had developed serveral sores on the inside of my mouth, what looked like kanker sores...? I also had 3 on my tongue as well. All this while my fever is off the charts and my sore throat and lymph nodes swollen so bad it was hard to swallow with out having severe pain.

So.......on Saturday I went to the Dr. and he thinks I have strep. They test me and it comes up NEGETIVE FOR STREP. I told him my concerns about it possibly being herpes and he blew that off real quick with out really investagating or asking a lot of questions. He gave me some Biaxin and sent me home. Saturday sucked because it was so bad it was rediculous. Chills, uncotrollable shiving, sweating, fever of 104, BAD sore throat, and the sores on my lips and in my mouth kept me from eating anything. Even ice cream hurt. :( Sunday was the same way. Now here I am Monday, day 6, with with very very little improvement. Only good sign is it looks like the blisteres on my mouth are SLOWLY starting to heal. But they still burn and itch. And the sores in my mouth are getting a little better but not much. I havent eating solid food for 4 days now. And I've lost weight from being sick and unable to eat. Just been trying to drink a lot of fuilds. It just hurts to much to eat or try and chew. My teeth and gums are just killing me. I've rinsed with mouthwash a few times to try and clean my mouth but even that hurts a little.

Anyways, long story short, is this oral herpes? or is this something like Mono? Or some other kinda illness you think? I've had Mono before like 8 years ago. But I heard the chances of getting it again are rare. Still to this day no signs of gential herpes.... No rash, no sores, nothing down there.

your thougths?...comments?

I've been looking for some GOOD pictures online of HV1 but cant find many. Most pictures I've found are of a "worst case" scenario.

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