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Extremely Sick.....HV1???


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First off I'm VERY VERY healthy and never get sick. I know everyone says that but for me its true.

Last Wednesday I kissed and gave oral sex to a new partner for the first time. And after we had finished I had a mild stomach ache. No big deal right? The next morning I woke up with a BAD stomach ache sore throat and a fever. By that afternoon I had uncontrollable chills and shivering with an even worse fever(103.7). My sore throat was getting worse and all my lymph node in my neck were swelling up so bad it just hurt to touch my neck. And about that evening I started to notice my lips where tingling and starting to burn. Didnt think much of that cuz I was in such bad shape in other areas of my body. No rash, no spots, no buring, no nothing on my penis. The next day, day 3, I woke up and noticed that their were a small cluster of what looked like little bitty blisters starting to form on my lower lip. 6 of them to be exact. They were getting puffy and painful. Also I noticed I had developed serveral sores on the inside of my mouth, what looked like kanker sores...? I also had 3 on my tongue as well. All this while my fever is off the charts and my sore throat and lymph nodes swollen so bad it was hard to swallow with out having severe pain.

So.......on Saturday I went to the Dr. and he thinks I have strep. They test me and it comes up NEGETIVE FOR STREP. I told him my concerns about it possibly being herpes and he blew that off real quick with out really investagating or asking a lot of questions. He gave me some Biaxin and sent me home. Saturday sucked because it was so bad it was rediculous. Chills, uncotrollable shiving, sweating, fever of 104, BAD sore throat, and the sores on my lips and in my mouth kept me from eating anything. Even ice cream hurt. :( Sunday was the same way. Now here I am Monday, day 6, with with very very little improvement. Only good sign is it looks like the blisteres on my mouth are SLOWLY starting to heal. But they still burn and itch. And the sores in my mouth are getting a little better but not much. I havent eating solid food for 4 days now. And I've lost weight from being sick and unable to eat. Just been trying to drink a lot of fuilds. It just hurts to much to eat or try and chew. My teeth and gums are just killing me. I've rinsed with mouthwash a few times to try and clean my mouth but even that hurts a little.

Anyways, long story short, is this oral herpes? or is this something like Mono? Or some other kinda illness you think? I've had Mono before like 8 years ago. But I heard the chances of getting it again are rare. Still to this day no signs of gential herpes.... No rash, no sores, nothing down there.

your thougths?...comments?

I've been looking for some GOOD pictures online of HV1 but cant find many. Most pictures I've found are of a "worst case" scenario.

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That Doc should lose his liscence! Get back and demand a test.

I'm sorry to say but it sounds like a classic 1st outbreak - I hope I'm wrong - if your Doc won't see you - go to planned parenthood - or at least another Doc immediately so you can have the sores swabbed. I'm not sure about the tongue sores... I hope it's not H but its something -

Please keep us posted

Good luck.

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Im am still unsure if I have herpes, but i had the same deal with burning, tingling lips, sores on the inside of my cheeks and i had 1 on the tip of my tongue. I hope to hear how it goes.

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"I'm not sure about the tongue sores"

So are you saying Herpes DOESNT affect your tongue?

I have what look like 3 little canker sores on my tongue. one its on top, one on the bottom and one on the side. So I wouldnt quite call that a "cluster" of them on my tongue.

But is it possible to get herpes on your tongue like that?

Day 8- I feel a little better now as far as the flu symptons go. Just still a little ache and get fatiuged real easy. But the fever is under control and my lymph nodes have gone back to normal. I've been taking that Biaxin the Dr. gave me last Sat, so I dont know how that has affected how I feel now...which is better. Still NO signs of sores or a rash, etc.. on my penis or anywhere down there.

My sores on my lip have "crusted" over and are showing signs of slow healing.

QUESTION: 1. How will Zovirax help my lip now?..or in the future?

2. How will Valtrex help me NOW, and in the future IF this is Herpes?

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It is not common to get Herpes sores inside your mouth - but I suppose possible - I'm thinking that whatever is causing your cankers or the sores is lowering your immune system and the HSV is showing up - for that matter - maybe all of it is some other rash of some sort - please get to another doc because we can't know what you have.

The meds from what I've learned - at least the Valtrex reduce replication of the virus, therefore healing is faster and you might avoid outbreaks altogether. So taken everyday you "control" the virus building, and taking it when you have an outbreak stops the replication and therefore healing can begin faster.

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same thing abab

I've been having similar symptoms of you and abab.

A few days after making out with a girl, i too developed alot of tingling on the side of my lips, but no blisters have shown yet (3 1/2 weeks later).

I talked to a doctor, and he seems to still believe that if you have no blisters, then you don't have herpes.

Abab, I too notice I have a canker-like sore on the inside of both of my cheeks, which doesn't hurt or anything. My doctor tells me that those are sabetueous (spelling) gland --- or something like that.

When I first began being paranoid about herpes (after tingling, etc.), almost immediately, my whole mouth just began getting dry, and my lips were extremely chapped the next night. It was really wierd too, because usually when I get chapped lips it takes long to heal, but once I put some chapstick on this time, the chapped lips were gone the next day.

I'm also getting tingling/stinging/etc. symptoms below the belt, but I'll leave that for a different post. :?

Let me know how this works out for any of you guys!!!

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    • WilsoInAus
      Welcome @Marlena correct you and your partner would benefit from the type specific version of the HSV test (meaning a separate result for HSV-1 and HSV-2). I had no idea the Euroimmun or equivalent actually had a combined version, it is pretty useless given the high incidence of HSV-1. Only one thing to add is that if you are getting frequent symptoms then you can obtain a swab and have this tested for HSV and other things as well.
    • WilsoInAus
      Yeah @FirstTimeUser there is nothing in the pic suggestive of genital herpes. It seems both you and your partner have HSV-1 orally and that's actually pretty cool. It means you won't pass it to each other's genitals owing to immunity. If the two of you are concerned about genital HSV-2 then mutually test for the IgG HSV-2 and HSV-1 antibodies.
    • CHT
      Hi "firstimeuser".... let's see what "WilsoinAus" thinks but, for what's it worth, I don't see anything in your picture (or description) that looks like herpes..... it actually looks more like a scrape or follicle issue.... maybe even a bug bite.  Also, by the way, the odds of having HSV2 with an outbreak on your testicles is very low.... that is not a typical spot for an HSV2 outbreak.    Have your doctor take a look and if you want some peace of mind, get an IgG antibody test for HSV2 in about 12 weeks (takes that long for antibodies to develop).... but, again, I don't think you have anything to worry about here.... just not seeing anything herpes-related here.    take care....best of luck.
    • CHT
      Hi Marlena..... since you stated you've had "herpes on the lips" then you likely have oral HSV1, which the majority of adults worldwide have... the fact your results for HSV1/2 are positive (at least I believe that's what your results show - I don't speak Polish but, I think I'm seeing your results are positive based on the attachment you included) may simply be reading the fact that you have HSV1.... the question is whether you've contracted HSV2 in your genital area. Your description of symptoms could possibly be related to HSV but, it's difficult to verify with certainty based on your description. You may also have contracted a different type of sexually transmitted infection (STI) or a simple fungal infection.   Your doctor does not believe what he/she is seeing is HSV but, unless your doctor has experience with HSV, they could easily misdiagnose your condition.  You need full STI testing. Do you have the option to travel to a larger city in Poland where you could get an appointment to be seen by a doctor with more experience with STIs?  You really need to have an experienced doctor take a look and run tests to check specifically for HSV2 as well as other STIs.  If they can rule out HSV2 or other STIs then hopefully they can then determine what is causing the redness, itching, and swollen condition.... again, it may not be HSV2 but, you need proper testing to verify.  Have you talked to your boyfriend about all this?  Has he had any symptoms on his genitals that are suspect?  Has he taken any tests to check for STIs?   I hope you can get more definitive testing so you know what you are dealing with and how best to treat it.  If you have any other questions/concerns, please come back and let us know.... I hope this helps a little.... best of luck.... take care.
    • CHT
      Hey Jeremy.... I know only too well that emotional pain you are feeling.... I really do.... and many of us on this site also know that pain.  It's not so much the physical side of having HSV that hurts, it's the stigma and risk of rejection that stings like hell!  You have to do what you think is right as it relates to when you disclose your HSV status when getting to know someone romantically.... I just think it's best to do it relatively early, and certainly before any sexual activity.   Have you looked into dating sites that cater to those with HSV?  I know others have had some luck with meeting partners on these sites.... you don't have to worry about the "disclosure" talk nor would you obviously have to worry about passing along a virus the other person already has.... take a few minutes and search around and see if it's an option you like. By the way, by taking your daily antiviral med and using a condom, your risk of passing along the virus is down around 1.9%.... pretty good odds that if you stick to your regimen you are very unlikely to transmit the virus....keep that in mind when you meet your next girlfriend and need to have "the talk."  That statistic might help calm any concerns about contracting the virus from you. I hope you don't give up.... as tough as it can be to find the right partner, it's still worth trying.... try to stay optimistic and look into some alternate options and see what happens.... all the best.... take care.
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