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Mouth Herpes? Messed up... Pic

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Been surfing a lot and trying to figure out what the hell is going on with me. Here is what happened. Two weekends ago (9 days ago) i met a girl at a bar and we ended up making out and she gave me oral. Everything seemed normal on her and I even asked her, after, if I needed to get checked out and she laughed and said NO. WHO KNOWS?!?

I did not do anything with her as far as giving her oral sex or having unprotected sex with her.

Last wednesday I went to the doctor to get checked out for a skin itch on my head. He gave me an anti-biotic and i was on my way. Just been stressing that she did have something hardcore since like last tuesday. Got checked out wednesday too for all other STD's other than HERPES and HIV. All other STDs came back NEGATIVE. Now i am freaking about about HERPES or HIV or something.

So on last thursday, everything on my body was fine but i did burn my tongue, i think, on some hot pizza, and i noticed a small blemished reddened area. That friday i started the antibiotics that i am currently on and have for 2 more days. My tongue has started going crazy and is all disfigured, white, bumpy, white lines, red spots. None of it hurts and i havent really gotten a sore throat from it.

Today i went into my doctor as i expressed that i was stressed about getting an std the first time i went into the doctor but made this appointment, today, for my tongue. I went in and he looked me over and thinks that it really is a thrush infection. So he put me on nystatin and i just started taking that 4x a day. I have also just been been feeling over my body just out of peer paranoia and it seems that my throat is a little hardened when i tilt my head up.

Someone please help me out. My doctors seems to really think that it isn't herpes... What the H*** is going on with me?!?!?!?!?



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I wish I were in your shoes with your symptoms. You are stressing out over nothing I think. I do that allot too.

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    • TCBH
      Another company looking to create a vaccine.  http://www.bluewillow.com/bluewillow-biologics-awarded-patent-for-intranasal-genital-herpes-vaccine/ BlueWillow’s intranasal NanoVax platform elicits both mucosal and systemic immunity through its novel oil-in-water nanoemulsion (NE) adjuvant, offering a unique advantage to combat sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including genital herpes. The mucosal immunity elicited by intranasal NE vaccines provides critical protection against infections at the port of entry by which a pathogen enters the body. The intranasal NanoVax HSV vaccine has demonstrated safety and efficacy in both prophylactic and therapeutic animal models for genital herpes. In a prophylactic guinea pig study, the intranasal vaccine prevented genital herpes infection in 92 percent of animals vaccinated. Therapeutic study animals previously infected with genital herpes who received the BlueWillow vaccine reduced recurrent lesions and viral shedding by more than 50 percent compared to animals who received no treatment.
    • JHenry
      Cas, This is sooooooo exciting I may need a diaper!  How bout you?  😊
    • JHenry
      This is wonderful news!  Impressive dollars raised and the team is absolutely outstanding.  For those who have been dreaming of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on our side, consider your prayers answered.  William Jacobs and Betsy Herold from Einstein have “sounded” extremely confident all along.  While maybe not just “around the corner” this is amazingly exciting!   If there was ever a person that possibly could be a force in “fast tracking” could it be Mr. Bill Gates?  While it may seem “so far off”, for those of us having been infected for 20+ years or more, it is still music to our ears, and the  glass is always half full-without hope you have nothing.   Never forget this line from Shawshank Redemption:                                           “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”. 
    • LightafterDarkness
      Discussion thread on this news here:  
    • LightafterDarkness
      This is pretty impressive for a number of reasons: Average funding for a series A in biotech is around ~$50M but the median is around ~$30M as of 2018 The takeaway then is the XVax is at the higher end of the spectrum suggesting (1) High investor interest, (2) XVax is thinking big A robust set of investors- good to see that there are multiple names here rather than 1-2. Again, suggests robust interest from investors Note that the anchor investor (i.e., the biggest) is Adjuvent who are backed by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, good to see that HSV continues to be of interest to them (my theory: due to the link with HIV and Alzheimer now)   Overall everyone should be cheering this news given the impressive results seen with animal models. Still remember this is going to be a multi year process- I would hope to see a phase I in 2020
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