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I Think This Did Something...

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HI everyone...

I want to share something, and if someone reading this has experienced this PLEASE SHARE. I have had genital herpes for about 10 months now with no outbreak since my primary outbreak early this year. Being the health conscious person I am, I made it a point to take care of my body esp. since my immune system was doing a good job so far. So I bought the Immune Support on this site (dynamiclear), along with the Lysine tablets. I took a regimine of two Immune Support tablets, and two Lysine tablets a day as directed for like 10 days.

As the days progressed, I LITERALLY SAW THE NERVES IN MY BUTTOCKS AND THIGHS "SWELL" for the lack of a better word. I was freaking out. All the parts of my body where I would sometimes feel tingling (asymptomatic shedding) seem to be like "awoken" and the "lines" (nerves) were clearly visible on my buttocks and thighs. Even in my back...where the virus lives along the nervous system had "lines."

It was scary at first, but after a while I figured my body was very receptive to the herbal supplements because the next month when my period came on, I virtually had NONE of the usual tingling in my buttocks. Tell me, are these "swollen nerves" a good thing, or is this a dangerous reaction....

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you saw nerves?

really? that's hard to do. nerves are so imbedded way down deep inside.

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