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I hate this

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hi this is my first post so here we go

im trying to find a way to cope with cold sore, i inherited it from my parents and their is basically nothing i can do about it, i have break outs ever so often but it really bothers me. when i have an outbreak i fall into my own little world, i becime depressed and i dont want to go out, im still young, i hang out with my friends everyday still after work. but when i have an outbreak i disapere till theirs nothing left, but it bothers me when people..MY FREINDS make stupid comments about herpes and cold sores and shit, i cant stand it, it just makes me feel out of place,

now the one that really bothers me is i met this girl the other day and she was gonna come over to my place today, but last night i found a little bump on my lip and turns out htis moring its a small cold sore, im pissed/depressed, i dunno how to explain this to her. the thought of having to explain to sumone there is nothing i could have done to prevent it since i inherited it pisses me off. i just want her to accept it that we cant do anything for a few days. basically its just a fear of rejection,:sad:

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happy girl

I know!!!

Try not to take it too bad. Stress makes them much worse. I've suffered for years with cold sore and I too avoid contact with everyone. I literally do not leave my house until my cold sore is gone.

The best advice I can give is as soon as you feel that tingle or burn, apply what cold sore medicines you use. Avoid your trigger foods and try to stay calm about it. I know it's hard.

As far as your friend is concerned remember, we all have our little taboo type ideas in our heads, but it really isn't that bad...I recently told my boyfriend I get HSV1 from chocolate and so I avoid chocolate. How it can about that I told him was he was pressuring me to tell him why I won't eat chocolate. He had made some negative comments about herpes before, but he cares a lot for me and he felt REALLY bad that he had made those comments after I told him I occassionally suffer from this ailment.

No one likes them, but many of us do suffer from them (the majority of the population), she may even have an occassional cold sore herself.

Good Luck!

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well thier is no reason to expalinuit to her?she is just coming over to visit right??? unless this becomes a relationship and you plan on having sex, thier is no reason to tell her anyhitng,,if she asks about it..sure tell her youve had it since birth? maybe from kissing a relative, but thier is no need to tell anyone you dont want to unless you paln on having sex with them.. dont shelter yourself so much during an outbreak..its no big deal,even though i know that is easier said than done...do you take lysine, vit c? take anyhitng to help reduce the longevitiy of the outbreaks? your friends are being immature and i wish thier was a way to put them in thier place,,i would say shut up or ill give it to you!!..lol but i know its tough when your younger with this..im sorry... maybe finsd new friends if they give you a hard time ..dont worry im sure one of them will get it sooner or later,,and then they will be able to relate better..

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yeah she isnt just coming over to visit, she has every intention of things happening, which is why its bugging me so much having this cold sore

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Gems
      ANd eight hours is on a surface...on a towel who knows. The eight hours was a quote off a thread a long time ago of worst case senerio. Obviously it doesnt survive double touching unless its some weird arse almost immediate thing off a shedding site and this is all WORST case scenerio. HSV shouldnt be treated with stigma...but for everyones well being it should be treated as carefully as poss. It is a highly contagious condition and can be difficult to diagnose and GP's will let you walk away thinking you are clear when you are not if you do not do your due diligence.    

      I knew more about it than the specialists at the hospital I was refereed to. 

    • Gems
      I have seen your advise on a few threads and to be honest while I am over careful at times you are not careful enough. This can absolutely happen and people should be well aware of the fact to prevent it from happening. I supposedly have good immunity on labs too. You just cant tell who will pick it up. It can live on surfaces for up to eight hours and towels that are wet and warm and that make micro abrasions when rubbed on skin are ways that transmission that can occur. You will often find out more by spending many hours reading on threads than your doctors. SO no it doesn't always just involve a cut on the skin. How do you think people get it else where.

      So please DO NOT swear at me as this is a possibility and this person should careful tick all his bases before ruling it out, cos on the rare case it is I wouldnt want his life totally ruined. Cos if it gets everywhere your life kinda is.

      It's called caring.       
    • Gems
      it happened to me i think i should know.; someone caught it off me off a towel. it bloody well happens.
    • WilsoInAus
      This is total BS and scaremongering. Please study further on here and elsewhere to learn a few more facts. 
    • Dutchy
      What about the side effects?

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