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selfish thought for the day

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I wish that herpes test were a) always accurate and 2) everyone had to have them!!!!

Only 90 percent of those living with genital herpes know they have it. That means for every one dude (or gal for the guys) on the dating websites there would be 9 additional to choose from (well I mean if all 100% were dating and looking which wouldn't be the case but...!?@?!!)....

I am sick of being fricken single and 1) do not want to have the humiliating talk and B) don't want to give it to anyone thank you.

I just went on match dot cam to see what guys my age really look like compared to the limited I've seen on herpes dating sites and they are attractive and .... I'm just lonely NOT even lonely really. Think its the fricken biological clock ticking LOUDER and way S L O W E R . . .

Love you guys!


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