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My Experience with HSV-1


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Hi everyone! Here is my story regarding my experience so far with HSV-1. I find that it helps to hear other people's stories, so this is the least I can do to help fellow herpes sufferers.

I recently found out that I have HSV-1 a few months ago. I first noticed a few irritating red sores around my genital area, and on my ass. I went to my retarded primary care doc, and she just shrugged it off as an allergic reaction. To what??? She did order the usual STD tests anyway, along with a test for HSV. Everything came back Neg. I even ordered a blood test and that came back Neg too. Fortunately, I was able to get some meds from someone and the sores went away. Meanwhile, I still did not know what I had, but I knew in the back of my mind that it was herpes.

A few weeks later, just around my period, the sores came back, really bad this time. They were all over my inner labia so it hurt when I peed or cleaned that area. Since my stupid HMO doc still insisted it was allergies, I went to the health clinic at my community college. The nurse there was great and she knew right away what it was - a classic herpes outbreak. She did all the necessary tests and I came back positive for HSV-1. Finally I had a diagnosis, which gave me mixed feelings. Relief that I now knew for sure, and dispair at that knowledge.

I took the tests results back to my idiot HMO doc, and said "see, I do have herpes." She was befuddled, no surprise there. She wrote me a precription for a 10-day supply of Valtrex for my OB. I finished the prescription, and it came back almost immediately. I begged for supressive therapy, and they prescribed a whopping 1 500mg Valtrex per day. That was worthless, the OB came back again about a day after I reduced my dosage. So, I've been taking 4 500mg of Valtrex a day, 2 in the AM, 2 in the PM. I'm terrified of lowering my dosage, but I'm starting to think that I should just stop it altogether and let my body do the work.

Since I learned of my new affliction, I've experienced what can only be termed a living hell. I can't say for sure where I got it, but most signs point to my ex-boyfriend who had coldsores on his mouth right before I had my first OB. I've learned that almost my whole immediate family and one friend share this affliction - my litte sister, my mom, my dad and my roommate all have it, which has given me some consolation. I've had a terrible time trying to decide whether and when to tell a new partner that I have this virus. I've received conflicting advice and philosophies, and I just don't know what to do. I feel dirty, and suddenly I'm excruciatingly aware of the stigma surrounding this virus. I hear people talk about it with disgust in random conversations, it's made fun of on TV and in the movies. I feel both alone and no longer part of normal society.

I've also experienced both not telling and telling a new partner, both with traumatic results. I'll leave those stories to another post. In the meantime, take care and be strong.

Gemini :)

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Gemini - never easy huh? even with all that support - I'm with you there.

Question for you - you said you had sores on your ass? I hate asking this because ppl are wierded out about this stuff - but I get what I've always thought was just acne - random pimples - not always along with an ob - always around my period - I was worried, but my 3 year old gets them - no one I know will admit they do/do not get pimples on their ass... so is it worth going to the doc to ake sure they aren't H?

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Ass Sores ;)

If you are experiencing pimple-like sores on your ass-area, then yes, I would recommend getting them checked for HSV. When I say ass-area, I mean the actual cheeks, not the anus. I tested positive for HSV-1. For some reason, both my sister and I get sores on our asses when we have an OB. Usually they are fairly small, like little pimples and only one to three pop up before I start taking my antiviral. This is most likely because the network of nerves in that area include the genitals, buttox and inner thighs, and the virus can travel to any location along that network (or so I've read). When I experience the pre-OB "tingling" it's primarily on my butt cheeks than anywhere else.

My mom says my sister and I are weird because we get it on our butts, but I'd rather have it there than on more tender areas! Those hurt!

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I am in your same situation - I have HSV-1 genitally. I take some comfort in knowing that most people carry antibodies for this having had an oral cold sore at least once in their lives. Or some people just carry the antibodies and don't know where or why they got it. But having the antibodies present in general lowers the risk of contracting the virus again in a new location, as I understand it. That would explain why my ex boyfriend never got it from me genitally even tho we messed around very near my first ob...he had a history of oral cold sores and in fact may have passed it to me unwittingly this way.

I would not want to make the decision for someone else about what is an acceptable risk or not, though. I believe in telling and letting the chips fall where they may.

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    • EssenceL25
      I’m going to force him to get tested ! Thanks for your help ! 
    • WilsoInAus
      @EssenceL25 there really isn't a question mark around the source, it's your latest partner. The median time from infection to an outbreak of lesions upon initial infection is 4 days.  The only thing that isn't certain is the type I suggest.
    • EssenceL25
      I asked if it was hsv 1 or 2 and the doctor said it was Hsv2. I’m not sure i just asked him when he was tested last he said this year I said I think we should go test together and he agreed . I’m going to bring it up again cause I really need to know if he gave this to me I wasn’t sure since it was so close to my previous relationship.
    • WilsoInAus
      @EssenceL25 then it is all beyond reasonable doubt that the current partner is the source. A 'perfect' fit in terms of timing, symptoms and swab. It may be though that the type is not technically known. Culture swabs are very often not typed and just assumed to be HSV-2 if taken from a genital location. If you received oral sex in the days leading into 7 March then it is 50/50 as to whether this is HSV-1 or HSV-2. You could contact your doctor and confirm if the swab was actually typed (which is a second test where fluorescent antibodies for HSV-1 and HSV-2 are added and see which one 'glows').  If that test wasn't done then you do not know type. If you have oral HSV-1 yourself (cold sores) then this will be HSV-2. Does your partner have oral HSV-1? It is somewhat strange for him not to rush and test - many people have a 'reaction' if they truly do not know their status and have concerns that you infected them etc. (not initially rational of course). This indicates he may know his status - or maybe he just isn't simply the sharpest tool in the shed!?
    • EssenceL25
      I had flu like symptoms and ulcers on my vagina . They did a culture and I tested positive for hsv2. I asked my partner to get tested he agreed but I’m not sure if he will cause he hasn’t said anything else about it. 
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