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question;agony in thighs!


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what's up,i hope someone can answer this,i've had herpes for about 6 years,always relatively minor but about 2 or 3 weeks ago,i had a terrible Ob.The one spot looked the same but was much more painful,but that's not it,along with it came a rash on my inner thighs and a sist on one side that was killing me.

Then the usual old demon went away in about 7 days or so like normal,BUT the rash is still there! and just as the sist went away a new one came on the other thigh!!!!

i haven't even really thought about herpes in years,it was just like a friggin cut a couple times a year.but now i feel like i just got it again.

is this herpes?,it has to be,shingles?

why now after all this time?how long does this crap last?

sorry for all the questions,just i thought i was an old veteren and now i'm freakin out.

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My recent outbreaks have been more painful - maybe if its in a new spot the nerve endings are responding different? Since it "lives" in the base, or trunk, of the nerve - maybe it can sometimes trigger a new path down a new branch of nerves? Just a thought -

What do you think brought it on - have you been sick?

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