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cold sore in new places on lip.. does virus migrate?

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Usually have outbreak on upper right side of lip, last winter started having them on bottom right side for the first time.. today i got a ob on the bottom left side of lip..

They are painless tiny blisters... Does the virus migrate? How after 5 years of remembrance do i have cold sores for the first time on the right side of my mouth?

I'm using the Herpotherm (hotkiss) and i'll let you all know how it works out.. It totally stopped one of my obs that i could actually feel the tingling of.

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I wonder if, when you stifled that outbreak, the virus got slick and decided to pop up in a new spot? Given that HSV travels down nerve bundles and the outbreaks occur at nerve endings, it is logical that a sore could pop up at a different nerve ending than the usual one. But I see your point about it not following it's usual pattern. Just goes to show this virus is tricky. I know for me I get sores in the same spots usually, but every now and then a sore will pop up on a different spot on my vagina or anus.


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    • Mode
      I gave him blowjob last time and swallowed his semen, after 2 days, I feel like I got tonsilitis. I feel afraid. 
    • Sanguine108
      Well, western labs will only show if things are VERY advanced (far along).  Based on the general articles they've released on the drug, it seems like you really have to go overboard with it and go overboard consistently for a while.  Not that I know but I've read accounts from people who were in the prtilivr trial that raved about how amazing it was. What I would do is sit and meditate for a little.   And take a dose... sit and meditate.. or just sit in silence and see if you can observe any changes. For lab values, I'd be looking at creatinine (health of kidney), liver enzymes (ALT / AST), and do a general CBC. If creatinine levels increase in the blood then there's some insult or damage to the kidney bc it can't adequately eliminate it from the body.    ALT/AST are liver enzymes and the increase in ALT represents a liver insult/issue. CBC, it'd be good to get a reference point to compare things with. The tests are pretty straight forward, if something is wrong then they'll be highlighted as outside of normal value... but mostly you'll see WNL (Within Normal Limits). Aside from that, do a little health assessment of yourself. -How are your bowel movements?  Loose, solid, well formed, clay colored? like big pellets or a solid piece?
      -How's your sleep?
      -Urination? - how many times ~ do you go a day?  Color?
      -Any musculoskeletal pains?
      -Any unusual pains, aches or sensation anywhere?
      -Heart palpitation?  - this means being able to hear your heart beat.  palpitations run a spectrum of subtle to pounding out of the chest.  They're good to note.  Do you wake up with heart palp, mid day, evening...
      -Vision?  Any floaters, sensitivity to light?
      -Dry mouth?
      you see where I'm going with all of this. I think you'll be able to tell if something is going on or not.
    • Lisajd
      You really need to educate yourself about stds and pregnancy.  Firstly research on this website and talk to someone like your mother.  If you are worried about pregnany use birth control or condoms.  Your dr is not very informed about herpes.  
    • Lisajd
      First of all you must go and get properly diagnosed either by a swap if you still have the blisters all your needs to get a blood test in 3 months time from infection.  Your ex may get a blood test and it may show up negatives if it is also within the last 3 months of infection.  You do need to know whether you have genital HSV 1 or type 2 because that's important in terms of transmission and symptoms going forward.  You are right you will get there in time and the beating yourself up is not going to help you.   we do things for a reason.  they aren't always the right reasons but we do them anyway because sometimes we need to feel accepted or wanted or whatever.  I am 49 years old and I have had quite a lot of unprotected sex and in my world no-one ever talked about herpes.   And of all the people I believe I got herpes from was a pilot so go figure about not being sensible.   It is difficult not to be hard on yourself and I constantly have to pick myself up about that and say you can't change what happened and you need to let go of the past because it will only impact on your future but please go and get tested just so that you know what you are dealing with because it's important going forward when you have to disclose particularly
    • Lisajd
      Its not so much what you do and  don't eat. it is really about your immune system and that comes with overall health and wellbeing.  I am really fit and eat pretty healthily and have rarely been sick my entire life and my first outbreak was sweet nothing. and in the last year from diagnosis i had 2 spots 6 months apart.  And the reason why I had an outbreak because my immune system took a beating.  I eat all the things that I should not eat in moderation of course.  The inadvertent worry wont help.  I had a friend of mine who was on antivirals she had surgery which caused complications and she had an outbreak and it lasted weeks so don't just focus on the fact that you taking antiviral because you need to still consider your overall health and wellbeing.  
    • Lisajd
      Ive read getting hsv2 orally is rare and to pass it back again, now that would be shit bad luck.   You really need to look carefully at transmission rates and the reasons why people get it. Its mostly lack of knowledge first of all about transmission and not taking precautions.  
    • My Ria
      I can't thank you enough for all your help
    • vzhe
      be a lot more specific. he's unsure about the potential health risks and symptoms to look out for, bloodmarkers to monitor, and where to test the quality and how to judge the toxicity.
    • VVK
      The chances are incredibly low, <<<<<<1% per any encounter. The virus stays potent for only a few seconds on surfaces. In your case, genital HSV-2 doesn't do well in the oral region and without any symptoms, the probability of there being enough HSV-2 virus present to cause an oral infection would be insignificant. If you add a person in-between that transfers the virus from genital to the oral region, that decreases the probability even further. There will always be a possibility of being struck by lightning, as the expression goes, but nothing to get concerned and write home about unless you're fresh off of your first outbreak and don't have any immunity.
    • Jeremy Spokein
      I had my first outbreak 3 weeks ago. I don't know if it's gHSV-1 or gHSV-2, but I suspect it's type 2 because the second bout of prodromes came not even 3 weeks after the symptoms of the first outbreak went away. So, I've decided to take daily antivirals now. At least for 3-4 months, maybe a whole year. When I wasn't taking them daily, I was worrying about "what if" I eat that, an outbreak happens... now I'm still cognizant of what I eat and how I take care of myself, but I also don't have to worry about outbreaks.
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