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in a relationship and want unprotected sex

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Hey all,

Im in a relationship with a woman who is hsv2+. She hasnt had an outbreak or have shown symptoms in 12 years. We are sexual, using condoms. We're thinking of having unprotected sex. I have a few questions for some of the more knowledgeable posters.

First let me state I know the hsv2 can be transmitted at anytime. That being said:

Does the fact she hasnt had an outbreak in 12 years make the risk any lower for transmitting, then someone who has a yearly outbreak?

I read somewhere the percentages of contracting during a non-outbreak time, would somebody be kind enough to refresh my memory. Also how much is that risk decreased with medication alone (no condoms)?

Thanks in advance.

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Put the broad on valtrex and it should help out the viral sheddin


Haha. Nice. Welcome to 2008.

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Your decision....

The risk is lower when the person with herpes (AKA, "the broad") is not having an outbreak. But it's not non-existent. The risk is lower with condoms. But it's not non-existent. If the lady has herpes, there will always be some risk.

So it's up to you to decide how much of a risk you want to take. You have already been taking some risk, however small. Do you want to up the chances? Even by a little? Herpes is not that serious and the chance you would be taking is small. But on the other hand, herpes is not fun and there is a social stigma connected with it.

So it's basically your decision. You can check the stats, but basically, it will be your call.

Sorry I couldn't really help much here but thought I would post anyway hoping it might clarify things a bit or at least let you know that we empathize with the difficulties of such a decision.

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I think the risk is a hell of a lot less if she hasn't had an outbreak in 12 years.

Condoms don't stop herpes, anyway. They didn't help me.

She could go on suppressives.

Honestly, whether you catch her herpes is contingent upon you as much as her. Some people's immune systems protect them from it. And some people stop shedding, after a while.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. But that voice in your head, the one that says "herpes, herpes" every so often during sex, will be the deciding factor.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • blurneworder
      Breakouts meaning zits? My mouth is also red, especially on the edges. I keep getting zits around my mouth and my top lip is constantly chapped. i too am starting to get the nerve pain in the butt. i also have redness on the penis and white peeing skin. what else could affect those areas other than herpes? What coincidentally affects the mouth, penis, and anus after sex that is not herpes?
    • justfine622
      Hey Littleoscar,   Welcome. Did you just decide to completely avoid the search? Was it a mental block, the severity of the symptoms, or some combination?
    • Mbtb
      My boyfriend at the time had a sore on his groin that looked like an ingrown hair. He slept with a girl who got hsv2 from another guy. The other guy has only had the one outbreak like me. The girl just recently had her second outbreak. I got bloodwork done about a month and half after the sore appeared. This guy I just disclosed to, how do I fix this?
    • Joey1987
      Awesome! So glad to hear it. If this protocol from Biogetica fails, that is going to be my next option. SO far Im on my second month with no OBs and no antivirals, which is huge for me. I also dont like to use the word "cured" but its definitely helping!
    • Joey1987
      Well I have received their protocol for the last 2 months, wired them money via paypal, and they have always sent me the products. And Im on my second month no OBs and no antivirals....so something is obviously working. Did it "cure me? I doubt it. But it has definitely helped!

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