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A Christmas Round-Up of A Couple of Treatment Programs in Development

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Not much but maybe a couple of emails sent their way could be shed some light...

Juvaris -- http://www.juvaris.com/products.html

Juvaris Products

Juvaris' proprietary technology platform is broad-based with wide ranging human and veterinary applications in the treatment and prevention of cancers as well as bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. The following is a summary of the major markets with significant unmet clinical needs where Juvaris technologies are believed applicable:

Infections caused by Herpes and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are currently treated with products with annual sales of $600 million for Herpes and $5 billion for HIV, respectively, providing a market opportunity for Juvaris immunotherapeutics. These projects will be supported by grants and/or co-development agreements.

Lumavita AG -- http://www.fiercebiotech.com/press-releases/new-biopharmaceutical-company-lumavita-ag-created-switzerland-series-financing-chf18m

Lumavita AG is focused on worldwide development and commercialization of innovative treatments for infectious diseases in women's health. The Company's product portfolio includes FemiFect® (pentamycin) a polyene macrolide with a unique spectrum of coverage for the treatment of vaginitis, and SPK-601, a first-in-class PCPLC inhibitor for the potential treatment of infections caused by Human Papilloma Virus and Herpes Simplex Virus.

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interesting, curecomingverysoon,

Thanks for digging this up. There's also been a small development announced today by a team researching how a virus works:

"Researchers have discovered the atomic structure of a powerful "molecular motor" that packages DNA into the head segment of some viruses during their assembly, an essential step in their ability to multiply and infect new host organisms. The researchers, from Purdue University and The Catholic University of America, also have proposed a mechanism for how the motor works..."

"Because herpes and other viruses contain similar DNA packaging motors, such findings could someday help scientists design drugs that would interfere with the function of these motors and mitigate the result of some viral infections."


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Oh, and it looks like Lumavita AG's SPK-601 is already in Phase one trials:




SPK-601 is a PC-PLC inhibitor aimed at treatment infections caused by the human papillomavirus and the herpes simplex virus. Discovered at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany, SKP-601 has a "host cell-based mechanism of action," Benedict said, and is designed to work by blocking both viral DNA replication and viral gene expression through the inhibition of PC-PLC.

The drug is believed to offer three significant benefits: It produces only a mild inflammatory response, which means it might be useful in treating lesions, even when administered in late-stage disease; it prevents viral replication; and its broad-spectrum activity means that it might have potential beyond the initial indications. It's possible that SKP-601 might be useful in hepatitis C, flu (including the H5N1 strain) and HIV, Benedict said.

The product is in a Phase I trial in HPV. "We hope to have a readout of that trial by the end of 2009," he said, which likely will coincide with expected data from the Phase IIb pentamycin study."

And in case anyone was wondering what a PC-PLC inhibitor is. It's a: Selective competitive phosphatidyl choline-specific phospholipase C inhibitor.

Hope that clears it up ;)

It's the first time I've heard of this particular approach.

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Fascinating! Thank you for adding, mm. This is the sort of thread that I love, where people keep adding their knowledge and building the pool of information available! I just Lumavita an email inquiring about their trials and hopefully they will get back to me.

Maybe it's the way that I'm reading it but will this one drug work for both HPV and HSV?

Here's to a future 0% transmission possibility, everyone...

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Gems
      ANd eight hours is on a surface...on a towel who knows. The eight hours was a quote off a thread a long time ago of worst case senerio. Obviously it doesnt survive double touching unless its some weird arse almost immediate thing off a shedding site and this is all WORST case scenerio. HSV shouldnt be treated with stigma...but for everyones well being it should be treated as carefully as poss. It is a highly contagious condition and can be difficult to diagnose and GP's will let you walk away thinking you are clear when you are not if you do not do your due diligence.    

      I knew more about it than the specialists at the hospital I was refereed to. 

    • Gems
      I have seen your advise on a few threads and to be honest while I am over careful at times you are not careful enough. This can absolutely happen and people should be well aware of the fact to prevent it from happening. I supposedly have good immunity on labs too. You just cant tell who will pick it up. It can live on surfaces for up to eight hours and towels that are wet and warm and that make micro abrasions when rubbed on skin are ways that transmission that can occur. You will often find out more by spending many hours reading on threads than your doctors. SO no it doesn't always just involve a cut on the skin. How do you think people get it else where.

      So please DO NOT swear at me as this is a possibility and this person should careful tick all his bases before ruling it out, cos on the rare case it is I wouldnt want his life totally ruined. Cos if it gets everywhere your life kinda is.

      It's called caring.       
    • Gems
      it happened to me i think i should know.; someone caught it off me off a towel. it bloody well happens.
    • WilsoInAus
      This is total BS and scaremongering. Please study further on here and elsewhere to learn a few more facts. 
    • Dutchy
      What about the side effects?

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