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New guy with oral herpes.....

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Well I find myself here, looking for answers. Here is my story.

I've never had an issue with cold sores or anything in the past. My dad has had it for years however - never passed it on to my mother. Myself, 27 and had my first oral outbreak in June of 08. It of course was absolutely horrible and resulted in a very large blister on my lower lip.

It healed in just over 2 weeks. No new outbreaks for around 2 months and then another minor outbreak that was not anywhere near as bad as the first and I was able to pass off as me "biting" my lip when people asked why it was cut.

2 weeks ago, another, this one very minor and almost invisible. I could feel it even before it broke out. A small slightly swollen area on my lip that lasted around a week before it broke out as a small lesion. No blister thank god.

I'm a self proclaimed "immune system god" as I never ever get sick. I've had the flu once in the past 17 years and colds seem to hit me for around 2 hours before they disappear.

This is undiagnosed so I'm not sure if it is HSV1 or HSV2. I have yet to be tested on it. My last STD test came back clear, and then I get this from making out with a coworker after a few drinks one night (let this be a lesson to all thinking about dipping your pen in company ink!). No oral sex or intercourse with her. Just a few "harmless" kisses. I'm positive this came from her as I had not been with anyone for around 4 months prior to her.

How often do these oral outbreaks normally occur? I know I need to go get tested and confirm the type I have, but am left wondering if there are any visible signs to help determine type 1 vs type 2? Will these outbreaks get smaller as time goes on?

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its hard to say until you go in and get tested..they dont test for herpes in the reguler std screens unless you ask for it specifically.im guessing since you got an outbreak orally most likely its type 1 and the first outbreak is the worst..it gets better the longer you have it..you could have had it since you were young and never had an outbreak...when you feel anything on your lip dont do oral, you could transfer it to the genital region, the test wont tell yu where yuhave it... just if youhave it.. it could be type 2 also though rare

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Welcome to 80-90% of the world's adult population!

How often do these oral outbreaks normally occur? As often as once a month, as infrequently as never. Totally dependent on the individual.

I know I need to go get tested and confirm the type I have, but am left wondering if there are any visible signs to help determine type 1 vs type 2? No.

Will these outbreaks get smaller as time goes on? Maybe, again, depends on the person. You should consider going on suppressive meds if it bothers you this much, or at least episodic to reduce the outbreak when it hits.

Also, STD tests do not test for HSV 1 or 2 unless you specifically ask for it. You could have had this for years without knowing about it and something stressful event could have caused it to emerge. Don't necessarily blame the girl from work. (Especially if your dad gets them -- it's likely that your mom carries the virus as well, she just doesn't "express it" with cold sores. The same might well apply to you up until now)

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      The ashwagandha is good for thyroid health. I am not familiar with the rest. That is not a list I would put together!
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      Hey @moonperson it is not likely that you have given a genital HSV-2 infection to 3 of your friends or your boyfriend from any of the activities that you describe. I'm sure this is all fine. How did your new diagnosis come about?
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      Me too, me too, I hope you can reach you desired level of health... I just think it isn't fully fair in a way to imply that your unfortunate issues are caused by herpes when there is virtually no chance that they are.
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      Hello y’all, im newly diagnosed with herpes simplex 2 and I’ve given it to 3 of my friends and boyfriend. It migrated from my genitals to my mouth and I smoked weed with my friends via pipe without understanding my infection fully. Then my boyfriend told me it’s okay to kiss and give him head cuz he loves me anyway. He’s not a big chaser or nothing, he’s just dumb. I’m living in constant anxiety and a tumultuous emotional state—just seeing if anyone has similar experiences and tips/tricks you may have picked up on the way leaving with herpes, either strain. Honestly, I’m just needing some support, even if herpes is “common” and “manageable”, it has been a heavy heavy weight on my mind.
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