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Novartis Acquires License to Vaccine that may Prevent CMV

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This is for CMV but maybe this success will lead to an HSV-related vaccine candidate in the future.


The North Carolina-based company AlphaVax has sold the rights to an experimental vaccine it is developing for $20 million to Novartis, the multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland.

Provided that the treatment with the experimental vaccine will prove efficient in clinical trials, Novartis will also have to pay extra milestone fees and royalties.

The vaccine could help prevent cytomegalovirus (CMV), a common type of Herpes virus that can cause serious complications in people with weakened immune systems – for instance, AIDS or cancer sufferers, as well as newborns.

"We are happy to gain access to a promising vaccine candidate for the prevention of cytomegalovirus infections," said Andrin Oswald, CEO of Novartis' vaccines and diagnostics arm.

The deal was announced Monday by Novartis, which is responsible for the commercialization of the drug across the world. The vaccine is expected to enter phase II clinical trials in the coming year.

Since 1997, when it was funded, AlphaVax has attracted over $125 million in grants, private equity and other funding. The company that has bought the rights to the experimental drug will develop it through early-stage human trials.

According to Novartis, almost 80 percent of people in the U.S. carry CMV by the time they reach adulthood. Usually, they don’t feel any symptoms, but some of them may experience low fever, fatigue or enlarged lymph nodes.

Cytomegalovirus is present in body fluids (such as urine, saliva and semen) and can be transmitted via kissing, sexual contact, the sharing of food or from mother to fetus.

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I love when you hear about something new, and to your suprise its already well on its way to being availiable..

Especially because the the CMV virus can cause blindness, this is awesome. And yes, if it does work maybe this vaccine will help in the understanding on how to make a herpes vaccine work.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Doctor zakuza? That one dude in the lion king?
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      Yes, just have sex wearing clothes and a condom, also don't kiss. No disclosure needed.
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      Have sex  with at least one of you wearing clothes + a condom  next time, if you really want to protect him.
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      All negative, Except for hepatitis B which is something you're vaccinated (They give you antibodies) against in the military. Before, I go through the trouble of re cropping another damn picture for you. I'd like to ask what your response will be if I show you the results and they're all negative?
    • 2kroc
      Universities receive most of their  funding from Pharma companies. Scientific studies aren't cheap, Pharmaceutical companies aren't going to fund research on food supplements when there's no pay off for them. It's naive to  think big businesses would fund research that'd directly decrease profit.  Then there's the possibility of the pharmaceutical companies bribing the government agencies from genuine health research, to keep themselves in business. https://thevaccinereaction.org/2018/04/big-pharma-pays-universities-for-most-medical-research-in-u-s-today/   Also, No one outside of the research community has the resources/contacts to prove they're cured. Even if they scored a negative on a western blot test/IGg, scrutinizers would just claim the virus was dormant or they never had it at all. Other than blood test, There is no easily accessible method to determine whether or not the virus is completely eradicated from your body.

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