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Another Harvard researcher awarded funding to study treating HSV-2

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Massachusetts LSC Awards $3.7M to Spur Public-Private R&D Partnerships

[December 31, 2008]

By Ben Butkus

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center has awarded approximately $3.7 million in Cooperative Research Grants to six public-private biomedical research projects in the state, the agency said recently.

The MLSC is betting that the first-ever grants, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by participating industry partners, will help stimulate the state’s life sciences economy by driving promising biomedical technologies to market and by encouraging further public-private research collaborations.

The grant program is one of several being administered by the MLSC as part of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s $1 billion, 10-year life-sciences initiative announced in June.

Specifically, the Cooperative Research Grant Program seeks to fund collaborations between scientists, academic institutions, and industry that promise “significant commercial potential in the near term and are scientifically meritorious,” MLSC said in a statement.

...see article for the rest

The relevant HSV-2 grant recipient:

Judy Lieberman/Immune Disease Institute/Epic Therapeutics; $250,000 per year for three years. Lieberman, a professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, will work with IDI and Norwood-based Epic to test the effectiveness and toxicity of microparticles with siRNAs in treating viral infections HSV-2 and HPV in female mice.

So based on the above, she will be getting $500,000 per year, as matched by the private sector, I think. Good to see that a new approach is being studied too!

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And now that I re-read the article, the money awarded to these guys has bearing on HSV-2 as well:

Michael Czech and Gary Ostroff/UMass Medical School/RXi Pharmaceuticals; $249,593 per year for three years. Czech and Ostroff will work with RXi Pharmaceuticals of Worcester on research revealing how RNAi may be harnessed as an orally available medicine. The collaboration will seek to advance these findings towards commercially viable RNAi therapeutics.

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    • Voyager2
      I certainly hope this research continues. It all seems legit to me, but again, I'm no medical man (although I did play doctor a few times).   
    • here-to-help
      This is good information to know. To go from continuous outbreaks to none all this time is encouraging. I wonder if after you've given it some time and this regimen proves itself, maybe you could title it, and type it for everyone to read. The more suggestions, the better! You mentioned you've suffered with Herpes I outbreaks. I have suffered with the type II, and I recently read that Lysine doesn't help with the type II. I don't know about that, because it really has helped me in years past. Anyway, by mentioning in your article that you have type I will help, because apparently something might work for type I that won't work for type II. I myself will get these products and add them to my daily garlic regimen, and perhaps I will be able to eat whatever I choose without triggering an outbreak. That's my big problem, wanting to eat the foods that trigger the outbreak!
    • RNY18
      “..Meanwhile, the present study suggests LDXGFG as an alternative, inexpensive, and lasting-effect medicine for curing HSV2 infection caused genital herpes....” Anyone  seen any further research on this ?
    • Skrillah80
      Let me know how it all works out.. 
    • Miss Horne
      https://m.facebook.com/CopperRibbonHsv12Awareness @MikeHerp

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