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Hi there !

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:) My name is Loree and I just found this site. I could share a bit of info with you folks. I am 62 years old and have had the same problem as you. It seems as though in times of great stress, I have an out break. Just one small cluster of blisters... OUCH! LOL and always on my butt cheeks...LOL...not funny HUH? They hurt! Anyway, if anyone would like to chat, you have my email address.

Peace, love, and joy!!!!

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Hi Loree, welcome to the board, it's a great place to share and participate.

I know that a lot of people here would benefit from hearing your experience with this virus. For example - how did you contract it/how long have you had it, how have people responded to you (romantically or otherwise), what do you do to control the outbreaks and I'm sure a lot more.

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Hi Loree!

Welcome from another older chick; I am 63, have had GH for about 14 years. I got it from a long time lover, a guy I was with for 10 years, who cheated on me, caught herpes but did not want to tell me. I found out about it all after he died of lung cancer and I had my first miserable symptoms. I worried about having to tell any guy I might get intimately involved with...that was before I figured out that at my age, I probably won't even be able to get a date let alone get to the point of having to have "the talk." Too much competition, I have found. Guys at my age only have to be one thing to get all the dates they want with women--ALIVE!!!! (LOL). At my age, guys can date women this age plus lots of younger women, too. So I am a little sad about things. However, it did put my silly fear of "the talk" in perspective--if I ever get to the point of having to have that talk, I will be thrilled just to have gotten that far and will not worry too much about that talk, awkward though it may be.

Tell us more about yourself, how you got herpes (if you know), how you deal with it emotionally, what you do to prevent outbreaks etc.

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    • Syam Banerjee
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    • Naturalady
      Yes, sounds like an outbreak to me. I'll get paper cut like lesions that are tiny, but around the area is red and irritated. I would not say the cut can come and go that quickly, but maybe the redness and tenderness can.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Dee2315679 for sure it’s a good idea to question. Exactly what test did you have that suggested positive for HSV-2? Did you get a printout with values of your test result?
    • Dee2315679
      I've been diagnosed with HSV2 for close to three months now and I haven't had a break out (🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾) since. I'm not sure if this is normal at all. After being diagnosed, I had them check and they did not see anything that resembles it and I've never had an issue with blister in the past. Someone please let me know if this is normal.
    • Southwestrancher
      I don't own any. I liked it at 50 cents. Now with all the coronavirus stuff it's about 8 or 9 dollars. Not convinced their legit (I've read some negative stuff) but I'm hopeful. 
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