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Not sure what this means...

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Found out I have hsv-2 (well from blood work).....About 2 months ago.

Problem is I have NEVER had an out break not even a small one...And I have talked to just about everyone I have been with in the last 8 years...NO one has it.

So what does this mean...I tested low postive to begin with...

I am some what glad that I don't have to deal with any of the out breaks but the emotional side of things is still vastly effecting me...

Is it possible to just be a carrier and never pass it along?...Has there been any cases like this?

Like so many others..I feel so lost and alone.

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Great question...

I too have been diagnosed for two months now. I have had 2 bv infections, bout 3 yeast infections, and recently got over a UTI....have been told that all could possibly be related to herpes and then told the opposite...I am so confused. I have not had any outbreaks and pray that I don't. I have had tingling, burning, and vaginal pain for a few weeks after my diagnosis and once in a while experience the tingling, but still no lesions...thank goodness. I definitely tested positive for HSV 1 & 2. My husband just took his tests and the IGM was negative for both and 0.9 for the IGG 1 & 2...his doctors comments said that he was negative for both tests...I don't know my body well enough to know when I could possibly transmit, so we have been using condoms :( I'd rather be safe than to infect him especially since he doesn't have the virus.

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I know exactally how you feel I have too just been diagnosed with #2 but I have only had ob (bk in oct)which made me go to see them since then touch wood but nothing, and nothing before the ob. I the same as you am tore in how to handle the situation with any potential dates or partners. I supose the best thing I will do is just be honest an tell them the situation like Ive told you an the possibility of it recurring and when is unknown but for the pure just in case factor I have to pre warn. Id hate to be 4mths in an then it happen an they think Ive lied or just kept it from them, cause I supose in theory I have b/c I had the knowledge. grrrrrrrr its so frustrating. what do you think youll do? x

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